Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1. Unfortunately, my kids eat cold cereal or instant oatmeal almost every morning. I really want to change this (for many reasons). I found a blog called Meal Planning Mommies that has some really great recipes for hot breakfasts. Many can be made ahead and there is nothing unusual or expensive about the ingredients. If you want some hot meal ideas go to http://www.mealplanningmommies.blogspot.com/.

2. Last night was my Tyler's last night as a Webelo Cub Scout. From this point on he will a Boy Scout with all the junior and high school boys. My heart is having a real hard time with this, especially since this means he will be going to an all-week summer camp. To spend the night in the woods. WITHOUT ME! Help me Rhonda, I'm hyper-ventilating already.

3. My boys have poison oak again. This is truly one of the curses from the Fall in the Garden. What is so strange is that Tyler is ten years old and has never had it until now. Matt gets it by looking at a picture of poison oak.

4. I feel a give-away coming up. I love the people who read my blog so much. I love comments. They make my heart happy. I talk about all of you like we see each other every day. Mark will say something and I will say "Well, Shannon says if you do this then this will happen...." He says "Who's Shannon?" I look at him like he is crazy and say, "Shannon, from Rocks In My Dryer." Or whoever my invisible friend is that applies. He has a hard time telling my real (in-person physical) friends from my real (bloggy) friends. He just shakes his head. But, anyway I sense a give-away coming up that will have something to do with comments. I've just got to think about it a little more. So while I am thinking go ahead and give me some of my love language~leave a comment!

5. Here are some random pictures from the past couple of days.

I start them early around here.

Bright smiles!

James climbed into bed with a sleeping Tyler this morning and then Matt jumped in with them.


  1. I talk about my bloggy friends to my husband and he says the same thing " who is that ?" Then , I have to explain that - no - I haven't really met her, but I feel like I have. Of course I have met YOU, it's just been so long ! BTW.. I loved your post about your crazy chickens ! We love crazy animal stories. They are so funny to me !!!

  2. just the discussion of poison-any-kind-of-plant gives me the shudders.

    I am like Matt. I get ANYTHING like that.

    I have extraordinarily painful memories of Junior High - two summers in a row, I was completely covered in Poison Sumac. Literally. Everywhere. Yes, there too. And there. Yup, there too.

    It started on the back of my leg, which built up into an inch high mound of oozing puss that covered the whole back of my thigh.

    It was so bad that my mom would quadruple fold sheets and put it on there, and it would soak through in half an hour.

    I hope you weren't eating, by the way.

    Anyway, I hate the stuff.

  3. My little Levi loves to vacuum with the exact same vacuum cleaner~I have one too!!:) He also walks around with the broom and "sweeps" too! It is just so cute.

    Love you lady!!
    My hubby knows who you are now after getting to meet you!!:)

  4. you need to post a pic of the latest from the hole in the wall gang

  5. Have to say I'm guilty of referring to my bloggin friends as if they live next door.....its great! Looking forward to that giveaway!!

  6. Poison ivy - ick. Burt's bees makes a poison ivy soap with jemison weed that helped me a bit. Of course, nothing really helps but time. (and steroids)

  7. I feel your kids' pain with the poison ivy. It never effected me until I was a teenager and now--HOLY COW--I get it when I haven't even gone outside, literally. I've been told (not by a dr.) that I've got it in my bloodstream now, yipee!
    My husband, bless him, has the same reaction when I talk about you or another bloggy girl. He thinks I'm mental for sure. Oh well, friends are friends no matter how they exist!
    Lastly, not until a few weeks ago when we started getting eggs regularly from our hens did my children get a hot breakfast. Thankfully, they love eggs from their hens and I can fry/scramble them up quick in the mornings. I am soooooo not a morning person. Poor kids! I'm going to check out that site for sure.

  8. I love those pictures of the boys! So sweet. Enjoy it! I am happy where I am in life, but I do miss those years. :)

    Sorry about the poison oak. We are allergic here, especially Joseph and me, so I know how it feels.