Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring in February

The past three days have been BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wednesday morning when we left to go to Bible Study is was 18 degrees. Yesterday was around 65. And sunny, and springlike. We have been outside since Friday. And after school today the kiddos will be right back out there. Friday, the sweetest most wonderful friend I have, Rebekah, came over with her children. She has five (and one on the way) so we have a full house when they come, but I love it. Kids everywhere, but most of them are old enough to handle things on their own so Rebekah and I get to sit on the swing and talk and just watch them play. It's lots different now than when we had 7 together under age 8. Then we just pretty much passed babies around and changed diapers together. But that was good too. Now, I get to do both.

Friday night Jill treated me to a night at Sips and Strokes. My mom met us and we had a good time. I painted a painting called Three Funky Trees. It's different, I'll say that. I had fun though and want to do it again. The kids were very impressed and want me to hang it in the den. I told them I might hang it in my bathroom. Tyler said, "No one goes in there but us." My point exactly. Thank you Jill for the fun night out!!!!

Saturday Mark and the boys worked on their Derby Cars for the Cub Scout Derby race. We just stayed outside and enjoyed the day. I did not want to come in. But we had too because Abbie had a very special date to prepare for. Her American Heritage Girl group had a Father/Daughter Valentine dance. They were so sweet.

They danced and ate supper and had their pictures made together.

I want to brag about my Sweet Hubby. Sunday morning a man came up to Mark and told him, "When I look at you I just think Good Dad." I've got a good one ladies.

Another 30~something year old man came up to him and called him Mr. Clark. (We're not talking about that one so much though.)


  1. Mr. Clark is his FATHER....
    (I'm only sticking up for him here because we're so close in age)

    By the way, I'm sending some assorted stuff to the kids - to include Schyler in "the kids". I think James and Logan are probably too young - just give them the box to play with. Tell them if they don't share, I'll hear about it...

  2. That's what Mark gets for being the first adult to call ME old - and on my blog.

  3. I had a good time Friday night too. This time Daddy didn't call my picture a $5.00 picture, he just said it was different. I am making chicken vegetable soup for Ladies Night out at Church tonight, so I guess I better go check it.

  4. It's been spring like, here, too. One of the things I love best about Colorado. I'm wondering why you didn't post a picture of your painting for us to see. . .

  5. Awwww.... Abbie called me on the way home from "the dance" and told me all about it. I asked her if she was the prettiest girl there and she said "yes". Try to work on her confidence some! By the way, I hung my picture up at work!!!

  6. Shouldn't we be seeing a PICTURE of your Sips n strokes picture?!?!