Thursday, February 5, 2009


This morning started out with breaking the water from the chicken waterers. Have I mentioned I don't like real cold weather? As I was busting the ice up with a pick and lugging laying pellets to the chickens that don't lay anymore, I thought to myself, "I wonder what my friends from high school would think if they saw me now?" Kathy, did you ever imagine? I love it though, wouldn't trade it ever, it's just funny to me. I used to be pretty prissy. I always wanted to live out in the country, I just didn't want to do the work. Isn't that what farmhands are for? HA,HA. Now I AM the farmhand!

I just got back from the doctor and I have what my imaginary friend Patricia Anne calls "the sinus." There is nothing to do for the sinus but take antibiotics and wait for it to go away. My doctor gave me a shot in the potuckus and told me to go home and sleep it off. I smiled at him sweetly because he was providing relief from the intense pressure behind my forehead, but inside I was laughing my head off. He has no idea what my house looks like. Those crazy cats have been at it again.

But good news, when I came home my kids had volunteered to start school themselves. And they actually did all the next pages in their math books and did their spelling and copywork. I was impressed, but felt a little left out. But James still needed me and he told me how much by laying on the floor face down and yelling and kicking his feet. I think he must have been showing me how much he missed me. Or, he was just mad because I was home and the free ride with Granny Clark was over.

So, now I just have to finish up some school with the big kids, get them to throrougly clean their rooms because we are having company tomorrow, fight James into his nap (no fears, Momma always wins this one) and then clean up for company tomorrow. And clean up the cat throw up off the back porch. I think my sister's cats have been talking with mine.


  1. Ah, so you're on to Granny Clark and her ways....
    Hope "the sinus" gets better quickly.
    Oh, and I thought the reason farm families had so many kids was in order to work the farm - this was a lie?

    Tell Matt to propose a money making scheme to Grandaddy Clark - $0.25 for every mouse he catches/kills/removes from the workshop. Mousetraps are cheap, and it would probably raise millions in revenue.

  2. I have a romantic idea in my head that one day I will live on a farm and it will be all peachy keen and roses ! Thanks for bringing me back to reality ! ha ha ! It doesn't surprise me that you live on a 'REAL' farm, I think it makes you just way cooler in my opinion. Talking about high school - there's a mini reunion coming up Feb 28th at the B'ham zoo from 1-5. E mail me.

  3. Wait a minute! How can Patricia Anne be your friend when she is my imaginary friend? I bet I talk to her more than you OR Jill. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. My cats have been spewing too :( Ugh! I am almost ready to kick them out of the house.. but then they look at me so cutely... sigh. What is it with cats and kids?
    My chooks are off the lay because of the HOT weather! I so would love some ice outside here....!
    Hope you feel better soon.... rest, and ignore the chaos around you !!



  5. I hope "the sinus" is all better. Did you read Mama's post? Crack me up!

  6. That's too funny about the farm. NOT funny about "the sinus." I have had some of that too this year. No good.

    Hope you feel better soon!