Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Big Switch

I use this blog as our family scrapbook (mostly because I do not have the time or patience to do a real scrapbook) so there will be lots of pictures to follow. Sorry for those there aren't Nana, Papa, Granny, or Grandaddy.
The night before last it became quite apparent to me that we were going to have to switch to the toddler bed for James. I go by the parenting philosophy If it ain't broke, don't worry with it. James was happy in the baby bed and I was happy with him being in the bed. But, the bed we were using had been through many babies, not just mine, and it gave up the ghost at 2:30 am Tuesday night. So, yesterday morning was spent cleaning the toddler bed and trying to dismantle the broken baby bed. I was able to utilize my construction and destruction skills of knowing the difference between a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver and get the thing apart. Then I had to clean out from under his bed which I was using for storage. Like my friend Rebekah commented about the other day, I think I must be the inspiration for Laura Numeroff when she wrote If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Because once I started cleaning I thought "Well, I might as well sort through these clothes and see which ones to keep for Baby Girl, which ones to sell in the yard sale, and which ones to put under my pillow so I can get them out at night and remember when my babies were little and smelled so sweet and cry a little bit." And then I thought I might as well clean out from under the boy's bed and then the closet and their bookshelf. I had those boys hopping cleaning up and they did a really good job. They were happy to donate many of their old toys to the yard sale and they worked hard. When we had it all done Tyler said, "I didn't know the room was this big." Of course taking the baby bed out helped, but it really does look like a different room. I'm giving it a week. Here are some picks of James with his new bed. He was really excited and wasn't upset at all. As a matter of fact he took lots of his toys and just sat on his bed and played in the afternoon time.

Here he is getting ready for naptime. He looks way too big.

Pretending to be asleep.

Abbie singing a naptime song to him.

He actually did great and only got up one time before he went to sleep. And last night he did not get up at all. I was worried about him wondering around the house in the middle of the night, but I kept him up pretty late hoping he would be good and tired.

Well, I was going to add some pics of the past couple of days, but it is loading pictures real slow and the kiddos are starting to wake up.


  1. Hooray for big boy beds! We've spent much of our Spring Break this week cleaning out bedrooms and closets and toy chests, too. Feels good, huh?

  2. Levi has started sleeping with Isaac now!! He still takes naps in his baby bed, but Isaac really like having one of his brothers with him in his bed and Levi seems to sleep better all night that way too!!! It is just a little hard to see our babies "all grown up" in their "big beds"!!! :)

    I'm telling you, I have had to be creative in situating these little gues in just two bedrooms!! :) Luckily they don't like to sleep by themselves!!! They actually enjoy sharing with a bro! So for now it is two in one room and two in the other.

  3. CUTE!! I am NOT looking forward to this switch myself, and am even less encouraged about it by the fact that you were dreading it on your FOURTH child - I thought for sure that it would be something that you would be used to and know it wasn't really a big deal by then. Now I'm shivering in my boots. Thanks a lot.

  4. Too cute in that "pretending to be asleep" photo!! Congratulations, to your big man!

  5. Wendy, he's soooooo cute!!!!!!!
    I'll be keeping my Elizabeth in her crib as long as possible! They are growing up so fast! If you need baby girl clothes, I'm your girl!

  6. Definately the cutest 2-year old ever!