Friday, March 20, 2009

Help Me!

Right now I am taking a break and typing out this post because:

1. I have a ton of things to do this afternoon.
2. I do not want to get started on these things.

I just put James down for a nap and the other three are outside or watching Gilligan's Island. Pretty good for a Friday afternoon I say. But, not for me. You see, my fridge is desperately seeking someone to clean it. It is starting to talk to me. I open the door and it screams, "Clean me now, I can't take anymore!" And, as I don't want the thing to quit on me I guess I need to clean it out. And there's more....

Mark and I are having a big yard sale for the adoption fund. Yesterday, my sister Jill sent an unbelievable amount of items for the yard sale. Oh my goodness, she is truly the most generous person I know. But, all of it is strewn around my living room and various places in my house right now. It looks like the yard sale blew up in my house. And my children like nothing more to go through those bags and boxes and pull stuff out and beg to keep it. So, after the fridge cleaning I am going to try to box it up and push it all to the side. By the way, if you live anywhere near me and have any old items you would like to donate to our Sweet Baby Girl Adoption Fund I will gladly come and pick it up. Just call or leave me a comment. Also, Friday night is my normal grocery buying night and I haven't even made out a list yet. I'm seriously thinking of trying to see how frugal I can be and try to go another week without buying big groceries. That sounds lots better than saying how lazy can I be and make my kids eat pb&j's for the next 7 days, doesn't it?

Yesterday we went to my granddaddy's house and I was able to take some fun pics of the kids.
My granddaddy's home is beautiful and it so relaxing there. I could sit on the porch swing all day.
Matt and Mark built this ship together. Mark has wayyyyy more patience than me. Although I did teach him to read, so I guess that counts for something. Playing in the pretty spring weather.
Tyler at his Cub Scout Crossing Over Ceremony. He's a real Boy Scout now.Matt, the new Webelo Scout. If the child were any cuter I would just have to get a spoon and eat him up.
James helping me crack eggs the other day. I love how he sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating. My mom does the same thing.
Okay, I guess I need to go and get to work. I just don't understand why the kids get a Tooth Fairy and I don't have a Cleaning Fairy.


  1. Hey Mama,
    I do have some baby items that I was thinking about selling. But, there's not really enough to constitute its own yard sale. Do you want them? There's one or two high chairs, a bouncy seat or two and I'm sure other things. I keep it all at my Mom's which is just a minute away from me. We're in Ragland, St. Clair Co about 10 minutes off I-20. If you're interested you can email me at You're welcom to whatever you want!

  2. Really, there SHOULD be a cleaning fairy, shouldn't there? If I were closer, I would bring everything I own to your house to sell! Well, maybe just the pile that is growing in my garage!

  3. Oh my goodness!! Do I have the custest grandchildren in the world or what? I am so blessed and so in love with them.

  4. and I can spell cutest!!

  5. Yeah, what's up with us not having a cleaning fairy???

    I love the pictures of your children. They are so sweet!

    Good luck on the yard sale. My house looks like a yard sale blew up, but I have no excuse right now.


  6. Honestly...I have plenty on my to do list, too - but sitting here reading about everyone else' undone chores and looking at their cute kiddo pictures - really, so much more fun!!! Trust me. Thanks for sharing....

  7. great looking kids! It must be uncle genes?

  8. I seriously need to clean out my closet. When is the yard sale? I might could get some clothes and shoes together to donate.