Monday, March 2, 2009

My Dream Speech

I have lots of big dreams, for me, and for my family. But mostly I have lots of little dreams through out the day. Maybe not necessarily dreams, but wishes. That come with big sighs I as imagine my Mommy-world if all these dreams came true. Come dream along with me.... (Imagine weird music and clouds floating around, like they do on TV when someone is dreaming)

I have a dream...

~that all the socks in my house match at one time
~that I will have a good hair day on a day when I actually leave the house
~that the pencils and the pencil sharpener in my house will unite and we will be able to sharpen a dull pencil WHEN WE NEED TO
~that I will be able to find the Scotch tape when I actually NEED it, not just when I fish it out of the potty
~that everyone will like what I cook for supper on the SAME night

These are just some of the dreams I have had lately. How about you? Any dreams you want to come true at your house? Leave me a comment and we'll have sweet dreams together.


  1. I have a dream
    That one day my wife will realize, if only for a moment, how unbelievably beautiful i find her,
    that she realize she is loved beyond measure.
    That she grasp how much love it would take for her sons to stand up to their father on her behalf.
    and that she truly know how good her beef stew is.

  2. oh goody! I'll be the first to dream with you...
    I had a dream that...
    -I was rid of a week-long sinus infection
    -that I lived on a farm with chickens and was a super mom like my friend wendy
    -that Alice from the Brady Bunch lived in my house
    -that I could adopt lots more children
    -that all the orphans in the world could have a forever family
    -did I mention that I dreamed I was rid of a week long sinus infection?
    -that I could live in China with my family and take in special needs orphans as a foster family
    -or that I could live right here and somehow do something to help all these children
    -that Wendy got her referral for her baby
    -that I could get motivated to organize my house
    okay, time to stop dreaming...must take more medicine...
    sorry I haven't commented in so long! And i'm sorry yall have been battling sickness too! and tell your baby boy that I could eat him up with all that peanut butter on him!

  3. What? I wasn't the first to dream with you....oh well, Mark's dream was so sweet.

  4. Laine, you are so sweet! I hope we get to meet Baby Girl soon too. And like you I wish there were no more orphans in the world~they all had a wonderful family just like yours to live with. And my kids are watching Brady Bunch RIGHT NOW and oh, how I wish for an Alice. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Pappa Rooster,
    Beef Stew coming up soon!!!!

  6. I had a dream that I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and threw up. No wait, that really happened. I think I ate a bad sweet potato.

  7. Wow. Way to work it for the beef stew, Bro.

    Hey - I got three lovely letters in the mail from the kids - Thanks!

  8. I've had most of those same dreams, too!
    How about the one where you dream that now that you've finished washing, drying, and folding all the laundry that you won't go into the kids' rooms and find huge piles lurking there?!
    Or the one that now that you've got a sufficient amount of clothes for all the (5) kids, that no one will grow or otherwise rip or stain or need anything else for at least a month!?
    Or that the children will actually do their chores without being asked?
    That you will eat a family meal without spills, forks dropped on the floor, children falling out of chairs, or telephone calls from telemarketers?