Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scenes from our day

Today has been a good day here at home. Mark has been home sick, but he is feeling better now. We had school this morning and Tyler and I suffered through fractions and long division. And then Matt and I suffered through subtraction with borrowing. And then Abbie and I suffered through numerous money problems. I thought I graduated from high school so I wouldn't have to do this stuff anymore! Actually I like math much more than when I was in school. I try to think of it all as a big puzzle. Today was brutal though. See, they only have math one time a day. I get it THREE times a day!!!! But that's okay, if it means they get to be home.
After lunch Abbie and I cleaned up her room really well. We are trying to pull things together for the yard sale and just generally try to clean up the messiness in there. She has the room all to herself and it is worse than the room with three boys in it. We are working on it though. I keep telling myself patience, patience, and that she will learn, that she is only seven.
The kids (minus Tyler who was inside on the computer~I did make him come out later because it was such a beautiful day) got to play outside a good bit this afternoon. Spring has sprung here, I hope to stay, and it was perfect weather outside.

The flowers that Abbie picked for me.

Playing in the thick clover. Right after I took this picture they all jumped up yelling "Ants! Ants!" I loathe ants and I'm sure I will rant about them all summer long.

I am loving the green grass. We'll be planting the garden pretty soon and then there will be green everywhere!


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  2. Awww, I wish I could have been there today enjoying the day (far away from Mark of course!)

  3. I love all the space that you have outside - you must be outside of town? It just looks like open fields in your pictures. Someday I hope to be out of the city. . . And your chickens are pretty! Can you say that about chickens? I love their color!

  4. Beautiful pictures ! Let's hope we don't get a freeze and that it stays so nice outside for a while !

  5. Great pictures! Your yard is sooooooooooo green already! WOW! It's beautiful!

  6. Wendy, when is your yard sale going to be? I have some items I could pass on to you.

  7. Isn't the weather terrific? We've been enjoying it too! I think your chickens are really pretty as well. Are they buff orpingtons (sp?)? We're considering getting a few of those this time.
    Just let me know if you decide about the stuff for your yard sale. I could meet you somewhere if the drive is too long. Where are you anyway, in Shelby Co?

  8. I like your photos, too. You always take great pictures of your kids! Our lawn was the victim of the drought, so it is not nearly as green as yours. We're planning to put in some St. Augustine this spring. We're hoping to do a few veggies this year too, but between the huge shade trees, tree roots, and rocks we have, we've decided against much of a garden. I hope you get some yummy veggies, though!

  9. Your place is just beautiful! So sorry about all that math. Math isn't one of my strong points. Praise the Lord for calculators!

    Take Care,