Thursday, March 26, 2009

The past couple of days...

It has been pretty calm (just the way I like it) around here the past couple of days. School, Community Bible Study, kids playing, me cleaning out the dishwasher. My friend Rebekah has been out of town since Saturday so she calls me when she is in the van driving. Everytime she has called me this week it seems like I have been cleaning out the dishwasher. We seem to go through a lot of dishes around here.

Yesterday I got to stand in line with four children, one who was so tired he couldn't behave if he had wanted to. And I have the sneaking suspicion he didn't want to behave to start with. But, anyway, the older kids were very well behaved and I wish I could say that cancelled out James' bad behavior, but it DID NOT. We waited in line for almost an hour at the courthouse to get our tags renewed. I usually just do it through the mail, but this time I ended up having to go down there. We waited and waited and then just for FUN we waited some more. It was finally our turn at the window. I went and sat in the little chair, handed the cards to the lady, dug through my purse to find the checkbook, and the lady looked at me and said, "I'm sorry, the computers just went down." I calmly looked at her and replied, "Well, that doesn't surprise me at all." We waited a little while and they made phone calls and looked at poked at the computer, but I finally had to leave with no car tags. In the rain. With a tired toddler who insisted on holding the umbrella, and I had a moment of weakness and let him (because I was at the breaking point of patience) and so we all got soaking wet. And then we got to drive 45 minutes home soaking wet. My little sweet home never looked so good as yesterday afternoon.

By the way, Sweet Hubby went down on his lunchbreak and got the tags for me today. Took him exactly 10 minutes. That figures.

On an entirely different note we had spaghetti for lunch today. James decided to take this opportunity to create something extra special just for me on his face.

It's a good thing this child is so stinkin cute.

And here's Tyler who is also stinkin cute.


  1. He really is stinkin' cute. Those are awesome photos! And I feel your pain about the courthouse lines. There is NOTHING worse. . .

  2. he looks very satisfied with himself.

  3. They sure are stinkin' cute and please start renewing your tags online!

  4. They are pretty cute! :) You know, if you HADN'T had the kids, it would have only taken YOU ten minutes, too :) Or vice versa!

  5. When I have to stand in line like that I typically try to engage the rest of the line in activities like a sing-a-long, or doing the "wave". Passes the time...

  6. Mollie, I want to be in your lines, and these are 2 of the 4 most stinking cute kids in the world.

  7. Yep...looking at the faces of our "stinkin' cute ones" does help to put the rest of the day in prespective! If it has to do with the car...I hate it!!

    Have a great weekend!!