Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Morning

Can I just give you a repeat of yesterday's post? I am sipping my coffee and watching the rain. Math is calling, as are bills that need to be paid today. But, snuggling up with old quilts and reading out loud to the children all day sounds pretty good too. A long day at home.... Maybe we can fit it all in?

Today I feel so blessed to be able to have long days at home with the children and have a paycheck to pay those bills. I have been so aware of His many blessings these past few days, even through the sickness.

PS. Nurse Aunt Mollie, how long should these caffeine headaches last? It went away, but came back with a vengence last night. I guess maybe I should give up the cup of coffee in the morning too?


  1. Don't know if this applies to all, but my headaches lasted for a while and sometimes I will still get one if I don't have a cup of coffee in the morning - which I will NEVER do without. Have to have my cup of coffee in the morning. And a cup of hot green tea..mmmmm.
    Stick it out, though. You will never regret quitting soft drinks.

  2. Sorry Wendy - it usually takes 1-2 weeks. If you're interested in why caffeine withdrawal gives you headaches: caffeine causes you to produce extra spinal fluid, which cushions your brain. Your body adapts to this, and the system which typically produces spinal fluid gets laid off. When you stop drinking caffeine, you produce less, until your body adapts and returns to normal, bringing the regular system out of retirement. Thus, you have a bit of "brain sag" during the adaptation process. Increase your regular fluid consumption by at least 2 glasses of water per day and it should help.

  3. Well,check out Nurse Mollie giving that fancy info! I'm sure my body is full UP of spinal fluid because I drink the caffeine like nobody's business! Maybe one day... hang in there Wendy!

  4. Don't pick on the nurse, Jill - I have access to dull needles...