Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning

Oh, I am so happy to be feeling good! But, its Monday morning, 8:04 AM, and I'm having a hard time getting going with this morning. I have been eating my strawberry muffin and drinking my coffee. Which, by the way, since I was so sick Friday I have not had any caffeine since then except for one cup of coffee a day. I am trying to break the Coke habit. Again. For about the 1,500 time. But, three days in and the headache is gone this morning. Okay, can ya'll believe I was an English major? I am the worst at crazy and convoluted sentences. Sorry, but I am old, and it's not going to change any time soon.

But, back to the point. I guess I need to get off this thing and tend to my sweet little children who are in there patiently waiting for instruction. Not really, but it sounds good. Poor James could not wait on his momma to get up and dress him so he decided to dress himself. As he can't do anything about the footy pajamas he added some bling. A hat, a shoe, and a lone mitten. By the way, that pile of stuff behind him is not my normal state of affairs around here. Although it has come close at times. It is all the yard sale stuff. The sale is May 2 and this is the pricing and holding ground until then. I am so thankful for anyone who has donated stuff to us. We are almost done with the homestudy and getting closer to baby girl. I know I have been saying that forever, but this homestudy process is a long one. Long, but worth it.

We are going to get started on school in a little while and then this afternoon I hope to start switching out the summer/winter clothes. I enjoy this job and hope to find lots of things for the yard sale.

And then Tyler has Big Boy Scouts tonight. I'm sure Mark doesn't think I should call Boy Scouts, Big Boy Scouts, but somehow that sounds a little less old. See, saying, "My son is in Cub Scouts." sounds so cute and sweet. But, "My son is in Boy Scouts." sounds like I am sending him to a room full of almost grown young men who go on campouts by THEMSELVES and do all sorts of dangerous things without THEIR MOTHER anywhere around. So, I am sticking with Big Boy Scouts for as long as I can. I gave birth to him and can call it what I want.


  1. He's looking very stylish!! It sounds like you have a busy day planned!

  2. Please ask James to put my shoe up when he finishes with it.
    and it NOT big boy scouts.
    and his FATHER is present

  3. So glad you are feeling better! Strawberry muffin - that's worth getting up for, I'd say. And your yard sale has all the makin's (read that..stuff) to be a huge success!! :)

  4. That is the cutest picture and big boy scouts sounds great. Sorry Mark. I still go to big church.

  5. OH, give it up Wendy. They are going to grow. Remember, I'm the mother of a TEENAGER! UGH!!!!

  6. Glad y'all are better. And, in another year I will be right with you on the Big Boy Scouts. It seems unlikely that my little boy will be big enough to do all that stuff with minimal adult supervision. Could it really be?

  7. I'm glad you are feeling better. It takes awhile.

    I love the little man's stylish transformation, and all because of a bit of bling. Do you think that would work for me? It would be so much easier to get ready in the mornings!

    Thanks for the smile this morning!


  8. I tried fasting from cokes a few years ago! I was miserable and had headaches everyday for two weeks! The headaches finally went away. Funny thing is when my fast was over, I didn't like coke that much anymore. But, oh how it didn't take long to start lovin' them again.! Girl, there's just not anything better than a coca cola! Okay, I was totally no help to you.... lol!