Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, so far, so good

I slept late this morning (7:30) so it was hard to get up and get going. I thought by 8 the day was going to be a total waste. I was not motivated to do anything. But then some of that old-school discipline kicked in. Not really, just everyone has be eat and if we have to go chase the chickens that got out we might as well get dressed. My mother-in-law came down about 8:30 and told us the chickens were out of their coop. So, I rallied the troops and they all got dressed quickly and were out the door to chase down some wayward chickens. I watched from the door.

Since we were all dressed by the time they got through doing the Chicken Round Up we got busy on school. But first, Tyler and I worked on a project. Matt found this really cute bird nest and it has been sitting on my counter for awhile. I thought it would be neat to try to hang it in the kitchen and make it look all "nature-like." Here's my oldest and youngest helping. Notice James trying to put the chicken eggs in the birds nest.

It didn't turn out quite like I had in mind, but I am going to ask Mark to make some origami birds to hang on it. And then I can also switch it up seasonally. I might try to find a little bird at the thrift store or some eggs to put in the nest.

Abbie dressed James up in his chicken outfit and so Matt had to go get Pearl, the real chicken, so they could have a photo shoot.

But, as you can see, Pearl was not nearly as excited about the photo shoot as James was.
Later I found James singing into his little microphone. He thinks he has to put the whole top of the microphone is his mouth to make it work. And don't get on me about him being in his PJ's in the middle of the day. He's a fourth child and just thankful he has PJs.
Today, I let the kids do a science experiment. I just can't stand the mess and there is usually a meltdown or two when the experiement doesn't work out just right. I would just prefer to read the experiement to them and then tell them the outcome. I know, I'm a homeschool science mom flop. But, today I let them do whatever experiement they wanted. Tyler made crystals. Abbie mixed some different chemicals together in an attempt to make crystals. And of course my Matt chose the messiest thing to do - a volcano. And as you can see, it really did make a mess. But, he cleaned it all up and he kept telling me thank you over and over for letting him do it. Guilt, mommy guilt all over the place.

Since I had the camera out I decided to take a picture of Abbie also. She's been pretty silent today. It took awhile to get her to smile at me. But, that sweet smile finally came through.

This afternoon I have paid the bills and made my grocery list. Tonight is grocery buying night. I'm trying a new chicken dish for supper and also making potato soup. We can have the soup over the weekend. Tomorrow I am deep cleaning bathrooms. WOO-HOO!!!! Supposed to do that today, but you can stick a fork in me right now, because I am done.


  1. Oh my heavens, all I did was go to work! Tell Abbie she looks BOOTIFUL!

  2. Spray that bird nest with Lysol.

  3. Me and your mama are cut from the same cloth, honey! I was thinking the same thing!
    Also, Abbie may be getting sick. Quietness is always the first sign...

  4. Believe me I checked that birdnest over and over. But I will spray it!

    And Miss Jennifer~don't even think such thoughts about sickness!

  5. Such sweet photos! I was thinking bleach? But Lysol would work! You had a very, very productive day!

  6. what in the world do you mean?! Spray it down with lysol?
    Dont do it mama!

    Guess who.



  7. My goodness - I need to go take a break - I'm tired just keeping up with it all in writing! Looks like everyone had fun, though! Have a great weekend as well...

  8. Hey Tyler, watch out boy. I will kiss you all over your face next time I see you. love, Nana

  9. James makes the most adorable Chicken in the whole wide world!! I love it.

  10. I know you had to get a Math lesson last nite but for the love! put up a new post!

  11. Agreed, Jill. Some of us are becoming a tad impatient. Post, already.