Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, the Gardening 101 class was postponed until next Thursday night. Inclement weather, which I believe must mean "It might rain a little here and there." I have great respect for storms. I really do. I come from a long line of people who strongly believed in storm pits (cellars). And they used them regularly. Some of my most exciting childhood memories were being woken up at my grandparent's house, wrapped in a quilt, and taken to the storm pit. The wind would be so strong and the thunder loud, but I felt so protected in that storm pit. People from the community would come and sit with us. The women and children would stay inside on the benches around the walls and all the men would stand outside and watch. I loved being able to listen to all the grownups talk and hearing all the local gossip. I remember wondering how all those men would fit if they all had to run in real quick.

Tornados are serious business and I hope I never have any experience with them. Well, I have had a little. One time I was at Rebekah's and a big tornado came pretty close. We had to get into the bathtub with our four babies and toddlers. I think that's when we began to realize weather situations seemed to follow us. Or, it could have been the time pre-kids when Rebekah, her hubby, my sweet hubby, and I went to the beach and a mini-hurricane came through. Or, the time it was perfectly sunny and warm in the morning and by afternoon it was snowing. I'm know there are more, but it's all running together in my head right now. Time for bed...


  1. Hey Wendy!
    I'm just checking in to say hello! I'm sorry you and Rebekah didn't get to share your gardening guru tips tonight! I'm sure you would have done a wonderful job! Yeah, I think it only rained out here twice today. Oh well...better safe than sorry, huh?
    Glad you're feeling all fun when momma's sick!
    Can't wait to follow your journey to baby girl! Praying for ya!

  2. Just think of the possible storm damage we may have prevented by not being in the same building last night! ;-) Really, we did it for all the ER show fans out there.

  3. Yeah, the storm pit rocked. I got jipped out of seeing the kids though. Next week it is!

  4. I remember my parents doing the same thing - my great grandma lived across the street and had a concrete reinforced cellar. EVERYONE from the neighborhood went there. I remember my mom carrying me with my oldest sister by the hand and SEEING the tornado down the road.