Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nana, paging Nana...

If you haven't read BooMama's post from yesterday, go and read it now.

She described things perfectly, most of all the "unpleasant hormonal imbalance", going on around here. But since I can't fire myself I went to Sonic and got a hot fudge brownie sundae. Because if I can't have my Mt. Dew, by cracky, I will have the chocolate and ice cream. I can't even begin to tell you the willpower it took not to buy a Mt. Dew today.

We went to CBS today and then back home (after the stop to Sonic) and I began working on pricing items for the yard sale. I had set James up in front of the TV watching the Wiggles. He was happy, I was busy, and the other kids were running in and out of the house. At 5:00 I got up to tell the kids to start their 5:00 clean-up which we do to pick up around here before supper and Mark gets home. I walked into our little den area and found this: Just in case you can't make it out this is approximately 1000 cheese puffs. Poured out onto my recliner. By James. Who was not supposed to have the gigantic 35 oz container to Cheese Puffs that my mom gave the kids on Sunday. But, who had acquired them because a certain 9 year old boy had left them sitting out on the table. So James just dumped them out, sat there beside them, and ate till his little heart was content while watching the Wiggles. Apparently after he had his fill he commenced to throwing them around the room and running to step on them. I was in the next room over, but all I could hear was those Wiggles singing about Wags the Dog. I really assumed he had fallen asleep because I did not hear him singing and dancing the way he usually does.

I wish I could say I reacted with love and kindness, but I didn't. I couldn't even laugh about it the way I did with the peanut butter.

Several times today James has said he wants to go to Nana's house. I bet he does.

Mark has to go a meeting at church tonight so I have decided everyone under 11 is going to be in the bed super early tonight and Momma is not going to be far behind. My pjs are calling my name.

By the way, thank you for all your great comments about the yard sale. I was thinking along those same lines, but I can get carried away sometimes. In case you haven't noticed yet, I tend to fret about things a little bit too much.


  1. Oh Wendy-That is a lot of cheese balls. Maybe since he ate so many you weren't required to feed him dinner??? That would have been my thinking! And the brownie thing from Sonic sounds great.

  2. Once when a friend was visiting and the twins were about 2 I was distracted saying goodbye to said friend and the girls dumped an entire 5lb bag of rice out in the floor and ran around in it! What can you do? Sonic sounds like a good cure, though.

  3. Oh Wendy! I do love a good cheese puff story! Your pictures will be on Shutterfly by Friday evening. We have power, internet but NO PHONE! Whats up with that? I loved being with you guys on Saturday!

  4. Once upon a time, there was a Clark child named Scott. This young boy decided to make biscuits in the bathtub. I'm trying to recall, but I believe this endeavor involved lots of flour and shortening. You got off easy this time. It is genetic.

  5. On the previous post about lemonade, I suggest DONATIONS! If you put a price on it, that is all you will get. If you ask for donations, I think people will consider the cause and be more generous. Just my humble opinion! ;-)

  6. Oh my word - I hope he doesn't get constipated from all the cheese! And secondly, how come he never says he wants to go to Aunt Jill's house????

  7. He does Jill!!! It's what he is mumbling under his breath when we can't understand him. What time will you be here Saturday morning to pick him up? Because he has been ALL 2 ALL THE TIME this week.

  8. Oh my, the wonderful memories you are making with little James!! LOL. I remember so many things like this. Sigh. Those were the days.