Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yard Sale Questions

Okay, I have been working on the yard sale stuff this afternoon. I am making a dent in the clothes. So, as I was working I was going through different questions in my head. I thought I would ask you and glean your wisdom. If you yard sale, thrift store, or flea market shop, what makes you want to stop at a sale? The signs? Amount of stuff? What do buy most there? Any hints for me?

Also, I am going to let the kids have a lemonade stand at the sale. Should I charge for the lemonade or just have a jar for donations?

Have you been to any yard sales that were different and you liked them? I want this yard sale to be a blessing to us in that we need the money for our adoption account, but I also want it to bless other people. I want them to be able to find some good deals for their families and also to see that adoption is a GREAT thing!


  1. Hey, I am a friend of Jeanette and Rebekah. We had a yard last summer to get money for our son's school supplies. We let him sell lemonade and homemade cookies. It worked out well. We had enough money for school supplies and clothes.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

    Thanks, Amanda

  2. i think if they all saw you husband happily eating beef stew with rice it would make everyone spend like crazy.

  3. Hi! I'm one of Jennifer's friends. I go to yard sales every Saturday so I thought I might could help you out. The biggest thing that makes me want to initially stop and shop is a yard sale with a lot of stuff and I can see that they have the clothing hung up. I can't stand to have to bend over and dig through boxes...even though I do it sometimes. Also it's much easier to shop when the prices are on the items. I have been to yard sales where you have to ask how much each item is....a pain in the tail. I like a well organized yard sale and one that is truly a yard sale with yard sale prices. I mean if I want to spend 5.00 on a shirt I'll just go and buy it new. I will usually spend a lot more money if I think I'm getting a deal.
    As far as the lemonade stand I think I would just charge a set price for the lemonade and maybe have a jar for "tips" just in case someone wants to give them a little more.
    Well hope that helps and hope your yard sale is a huge success. I would love to come....wish I lived a little closer!!

  4. For me it's all in how it's set up. If it's junky looking I won't even slow down. Fun signs in the grass advertising what is for sale look cute too, letting drivers know that there's specific things is always eye catching!

  5. If you have it in your area, I would also list it on craigslist, with a partial list of what you have (and that the proceeds are going towards your adoption costs!!) We did a sale to raise money for missions last year and the boys sold lemonade and cookies. We priced them, but I like someone elses idea of pricing them and having a tip jar.

  6. I'll make some real cute signs!!!

  7. I am not a yard saler but I would think that organization would be a huge plus. Prices on everything for sure and bargains like 1 for 50cents or 3 for a dollar, I know I always feel like I get a better deal when it is like that. I think the lemonaid stand should be donations and you should put what they are donating for. I need to get those items to you, it is some tshirts and shorts and pjs and things like that.

  8. One of my best yard sales we had a system - for people who bought anything we had a table set up and they got to pick one item off the table free. Actually, they HAD to take something off the table. People thought it was a novel idea, and we were able to get rid of a lot of stuff. Everybody likes something free, even if it's something they'll never use. You could allow people to pose for photos with Pearl...

  9. I don't do a lot of yard sales but I definitely like organized stuff - especially the clothes! Our neighbor had one awhile back and all the kids clothes were hanging from ropes (clothesline style) and she had matching socks and bows pinned to the baby dresses, etc....well, let me just say - she sold alot (to me!) :) Another thing that catches my attention is a lot of cars already there...maybe you can park some out front...just as a prop! HA

    I would just take donations for the lemonade...people always fall for that with the kiddos :)

    I know it will be a blessing...praying for you!

  10. Definitely organize the clothes! It doesn't matter whether they are on hangers or folded neatly and placed on tables (preferred) or on quilts or blankets on the lawn (if that is the best you can do). I have a great preference for organizing by sizes and even putting a sign noting the sizes beside the blankets or tables. It will take you a little more time, but I think you'll have a lot more customers who will spend better. If you want to price items all a certain amount (50 cents on t-shirts, $1 on jeans, etc.) that is fine too. Just place the sign (or multiple signs) in an obvious place. You can even use bright-colored color-coded dots if you want.

    You might make things half price at a certain time (on the second day for a two-day sale). If someone wants you to mark something down which you have priced really well, then ask them to return when it is half-price.

    On the lemonade, I'd suggest that even if you use powdered mix, wash and thinly slice a lemon or two and place in the pitcher. It is a really nice touch. And have ice available with it. I'd suggest maybe 50 cents or "suggested donation: 50 cents" and use the smaller cups (something in the 8 oz size or so rather than the big 16-20 oz cups).

    Hope your yard sale is very successful!