Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Afternoon

Okay things are better now. We made it through school and I have made it through one load of dishes. Things began to look up when Granny Clark came and took James for awhile and she also sent some leftover Mississippi Mud Cake. Oh my heavens....

James has had a very hard Monday. He is either extremely tired or is getting sick. OR, he could just be acting two. Sometimes it's hard to tell. He is usually pretty easy-going. During school time he plays with his Little People or watches Mr Rodgers or Sesame Street. Sometimes he will wonder off and get into messes, but overall he really is a pretty easy toddler. But this morning, my oh my. He woke up mad at the world and he was letting us know about it. Here he is insisting on using this money bank as a sippy cup.

Bless his little pointed head he kept putting it back up there and yelling "Juice, Juice!" I would tell him no and get him his real sippy cup and he would just throw it and pick up the big coke money bank. It was real pitiful ya'll. I decided at this point that maybe he didn't need more discipline, but some one on one mommy time. I sat in the rocking chair and we rocked and read book after book. He was fine until I got up and then it started up again. That's when Granny came down.

After lunch I gave him a bath and he screamed the whole time. This is when I began to suspect he might be getting sick. As I dressed him he screamed the whole time saying "The shirt hurts me!" We rocked some more and he is off to dreamland taking his nap. I guess we will see how things are when he gets up.

But, he was so cute eating his PEEP yesterday. He has never had one and at first he thought it was a toy. When he realized that thing was covered in sugar he went to town, toy or no toy. And he doesn't call it a PEEP. He calls it a bird.


  1. good grief, put some clothes on that kid..
    I would say he has caffeine withdrawals too, but i know he has never had any.
    i just thought of him going for a giant coke.

  2. You know, I felt bad for you up until you said Granny came down and brought left over Mississippi Mud.

  3. Where in the world does that temper come from???

  4. Wonder what granny fed him yesterday...

  5. Mondays are hard at our house too. When you find a "cure" let me
    know !!!!

  6. Poor baby :( Did you give him some mud cake? That would have helped I'm sure! That would cure any Monday madness I would think... :)In fact.. I think I need some.... !

  7. Poor baby! I hope he's not getting sick! Monday is hard around here, too :)

  8. That coke/sippy cup thing was hilarious!! But I feel for you. . . hope he's feeling better today!!!