Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heard Around Here Today...

1. James and Matt were outside playing tag. Matt was pretending to run from James, but was really running very slow to let James catch up with him and tag him. James got tired of running so he just stopped short, spread his arms wide and said, "I Win!"

2. I was making some cinnamon bread and Abbie came to me in the kitchen. She propped herself up on the counter and said, very matter-of-factly, "Mom, I have been living here for practically my whole life." Since she is only seven she is technically correct.

In other news, James learned to bite this morning. He was playing lion and bit his two brothers. They came and told on him and I got him in my room to give him a little talk. I showed him where he had hurt his brothers and how nice boys don't bite people and told him the consequences of what would happen if he bit someone again. He sincerely looked sorry and he hung his little head and said, "Yes Momma." (For some reason, he says, Yes Momma instead of Yes Mam and I'll tell you it gives my heart a flip everytime.) He told his brothers he was sorry and walked out of the room slowly. Right into his sister's room where he took a big plug out of her arm. Ahhhh, toddler training...


  1. Never a dull moment!! Cinnamon bread?!?! now that is a good idea!!

  2. I think James knows he has you wrapped around his finger.

  3. You trained the first three well, but this one has you trained even better!!

    P.S. I'm not contagious

  4. how come i didn't get any cinnamon bread ?

  5. Yikes!! Poor kid. . . that's a hard learning curve.

    I think I have a weapon in my arsenal when Ali tries to bite, because she got (very painfully) bit by my Grandmother's dog last weekend. It's quite unfortunate because now she's terrified of that dog and a little afraid of all dogs and even our cat at times, but on the bright side, I can remind her what it feels like if that ever comes up!