Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Her Future's So Bright She Has To Wear Shades

Many of you know my Abbie has the gift of gab. Well, today she was rare form. She had a lot to say~all day long. When I was cleaning up the kitchen she was sitting at the table coloring. I could tell she was really concentrating and working hard. After she was finished she brought it over to me to inspect. She had to explain it to me.

On one side was chaos. All different colors scribbled everywhere. On the other side was a beautiful picture of mountains, trees, clouds, and pretty green grass. She said the scribbly side was "now" and the pretty side was the "future." I am thinking she is going to tell me about life on earth and then what heaven would be like. Because you know, thats what moms like to hear. Good theology from their children. I was wrong. This is what she says, "The future is going to be great because there will be water guns that you don't have to pump and cell phones where you can just press one button and you can talk."

She is a hoot! I am so thankful she doesn't have to worry about the future and if a non-pumping water gun is all it takes to make her happy, then I'm good.


  1. Priceless! Isn't it nice that that's the kind of thing they have to worry about? Aren't we blessed?

  2. If only life's problems could so easily be solved!!

    I was wondering which planner do you use? A post and pictures please!!! I love to see what others use and get ideas.


  3. Wow. Good to know she dreams big!!! :)