Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's been a slow couple of days around here. Our school year is officially done and I'll just tell you, I'm not sure what to do with myself. There is all this time in the morning to get our house work done (we even cleaned out the van this morning) and then there are these long afternoons. It won't stop raining so the kids are either bored or muddy. But, we are headed to the library in the morning to sign the kids up for the summer reading program so everyone will be busy here reading. Me too!

The only excitement around here the past two days is when the chickens got out (again) and one child (who won't fess up) put Sylvester, the cat, in the pen with Pearl, the chicken. But, next week is Vacation Bible School AND Cub Scout Day Camp so I'm enjoying the peace around here this week.


  1. It hasn't been quite so slow around here yet, since we still have a few days to get in. I know what you mean about the rain, though. I'm hoping next week it is nice and sunny and not too muggy for Scout Day Camp week!

  2. The rain is driving us stir-crazy too! Let me guess, it was you child named "Not me!" that put the cat in with the hen?

  3. Hi Jennie! "Not me" does a lot around here. I wish I could get ahold of him/her.

    Actually, it could have been James that did it, but there would have had be been a very involved sequence of events for it to unfold. Mark asked him if he did it and he smiled and said, "Yes." Then Mark asked him if he put Granny in the cage with Pearl and he smiled and said, "Yes." I'm thinking we will never really know. :)

  4. I think I would have liked to see video of the kitty in with the chicken. That may have kept me entertained for at least an hour!

    Tomorrow is the last day of school for Chickie Boy and I am looking forward to (in my head, not on my calendar) five weeks of lazy days, although swimming lessons, reading club and baseball actually sneak their way in and prohibit truely lazy summer days!