Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Tuesday State of Affairs

Oh my goodness, I hope no one just "shows up" today. My floors need mopping desperately, I have more mismatched socks than matched ones, my ironing pile is tremendous, and my children have pretty much been left to their own devices this whole afternoon. I have had to put up with interruptions all day in the form of breakfast, lunch, and now supper is coming up. Why, why all this madness, you say?

Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy...
Oh, the missed opportunities, the misunderstandings, the pangs of youth, the pride, the prejudices...

Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy, why are you being so blind?......................

I WILL finish tonight or there may be mutiny tomorrow.


  1. Absolutely understandable. I can practically hear their perfectly toned British voices beckoning in the English of olde...

  2. I always semi-abandon my family when I'm reading a good book!

  3. Oh boy...I totally know that feeling!! Did you finish??