Saturday, June 20, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Matt, Abbie, and I were running some errands earlier today. I was half-way listening because I have a headache and the heat was doing a number on me. I love the South, but I don't like stinkin hot weather. Anyways, I noticed that they were talking about heaven and dying so I began to listen. It went something like this.

Matt: If heaven is supposed to be perfect and nothing dies, how am I supposed to get steak in heaven? I don't think it will be heaven without steak.

I had no answer for this.

Matt began to explain to Abbie in some pretty gross terms about how our bodies came from dust and they will return to dust. Abbie was trying to reassure herself that she would be in heaven and not see herself "return to dust." She said, "My soul will be heaven and I will not care what happens to my body." Matt then told her that she would not be able to take anything with her to heaven. She shrieked in her little girl voice and exclaimed, "Then my soul will be naked in heaven!!! We will all be naked in heaven!"

Again, I had no reply to this.

Just another day of deep thoughts from the Clark Kids.


  1. I am so sorry my baby has a headache. It's those genes. The Martin/Wright women just cannot handle the sun. Do you remember one night at the supper table when Daddy asked if any of you had ever said a curse word. You and Del fessed up quickly, but Jill said she had only whispered one. Oh the deep thoughts of family. I love each of you so much.

  2. Oh my goodmess!!! I was going to say something else, but forget that...Aunt Mama Hen said a curse word!! I can NOT believe it!

  3. Chris is teaching our Sunday School right now, and he is teaching on Revelation. We have all come to the conclusion in our MANY group discussions that there will, in fact, be bacon trees in heaven.

    Which can also lead to the logical conclusion that there will be steak trees as well.

    Tell the kids not to worry a bit.


    P.s. - did you get my email the other day? Thanks SOOO much for my wonderful prize!!

  4. It is stinkin' hot. I went out to run an errand this afternoon. It was 96 degrees when I left. I returned 40 minutes later, and the thermometer read 100 degrees. Stinkin' hot. Sorry, kids, too hot to go to the Sunday School party at the park and burn your skin on the playground equipment. I'll make fresh lemonade, okay?

  5. We're full up with the deep thoughts.

  6. This is great! And I love how you journal their comments so you won't forget them. I'm learning a lot from you!!!