Saturday, June 20, 2009


This is how we spent our Saturday.

James taking his nap with his walking horse Dusty. He takes Dusty with him almost everywhere he goes. Today he wanted Dusty to take a nap with him.

My boys playing computer games.

Abbie cutting strawberries for a new recipe we tried.
(See the dirty dishes in the background. They are a figment of your imagination.)

Sweet Hubby cutting the grass. I felt so bad for him because it was so hot.

The hay cutters came and baled the hay today. It makes the pasture look so pretty when it is all cut and baled.

Just call me Redneck MamaHen. Yes, I let my toddler run around in his diaper all day. And yes, I let him wallow in the dirt. And yes, I even went to get the camera because I thought he looked so cute.


  1. I am with you Wendy. I always let Christopher run around in his diaper. One less outfit I have to wash :)

  2. I also let my little ones play and get dirty~it's so much fun for them! I gave you an award at my blog for the most Kreativ Blogger~if you would like to pick it up come for a visit. DeNiece gave me one and I wrote 7 things I was thankful for. I wish I had the great pictures you put up! God bless, Rose

  3. I say let the boy wear his diaper. I mean, who doesn't roll around in the dirt in their underwear?

  4. It was good to see that soft puppy was right there between James and Dusty.

  5. Looks like a full - and fun! - Saturday...except maybe for Dad...and it was "his" weekend, too! Hope those fresh strawberries were for him! :)