Monday, June 29, 2009

A Good Weekend

We had a good weekend. Very laid back with no where to go. I love those kinds of weekends. In no particular order...

We got lots of work done in the garden and had lots of time to sit in the swing and watch the kids play. Mark grilled supper for us again (I can used to that) and we had enough for leftovers for lunch and supper Sunday. A peaceful morning at church. We had 19 eight year old girls in our Sunday School class. As we were passing the snacks around Mark said, "Can you imagine how different this would be if there were 19 boys in here?" Now, they were talking, believe me, they have a lot to say, but they were all seated and just waiting their turn.

Mark built a new tire swing for the kids and he did lots of yardwork. It appears our peach and nectarine trees have died, so my uncle is bring 12 more peach trees to Mark today. Yikes! I'm not sure where we will put them, but I sure will love the peaches! Now, to just keep them alive. Mark took James "driving" in the pasture. He loved it! He loves all things that go and the bigger the better.

I got to take a Sunday afternoon nap and made a strawberry cake we ate on all weekend. YUM! We all watched a nature show on tv last night and I was speechless at God's creativity. It almost made me cry to think that God did all this. For His glory and for us.

After the kids were in bed Mark and I watched some old reruns and then off to bed.


  1. 19 girls!!! My heavens - I have always said the people at your church are very fertile! Glad you go to relax.

  2. That sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend! I always regret when my weekends are so busy hat you miss all the little things, like naps, and sitting on swings and just 'being'. So glad you got to experience all of that.

    I need a peach tree. :-)

  3. when did we have this restful weekend again ? ? ?

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Have a good week to boot!

  5. 19 boys instead of 19 girls...that would have been a sight to see!!
    Boys...gotta love 'em!!

  6. Strawberry cake!! Yum...would you have a recipe for that - it would be perfect for this weekend!

    Hope your week is just as productive and enjoyable!