Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Think He Had A Good Time...

Well, all my family is home together. Abbie ended up spending the night with Fav Cousin Friday night so I only had two kiddos here at home. Now that was weird. It was thundering and James asked where Abbie was. I told him she was at Fav Girl's house and he said, "I want Abbie with Momma." He knew she was not in her place in her bed. My heart melted a little more. Mark and Tyler got home around noon and there was great rejoicing between the two big brothers. They really missed each other. And it only took about 2 hours before they were picking and fussing at each other again. Things are getting back to normal.

Mark said they had a really good time, but boy he was tired. He took a nap, which he deserved big time. I proceeded to do FOUR loads of their dirty laundry. I had already done three of ours that morning. Mark grilled for our supper and we pretty much had a relaxing afternoon.

I am glad to be going to church this morning with all my little chicks sitting beside me in the pew. I wonder how many chicks it would take to fill up that pew.....


  1. The smile says it all . . . . He had LOADS of fun! Hope you get the dirt out of all his clothes--if his face is any indication, it'll be a job! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

  2. He's just the cutest thing! Can't wait to hear about camp. Glad everyone's back home where they belong.

  3. Isn't that the most precious child? I am so glad he and Mark had a good time and I'm glad they are home.