Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Guess We All Knew It Would Happen Sometime

The day started out just like any other Sunday morning. Everyone ( that would just be me really ) rushing around to get to church on time. James oblivious to it all and just rolling around and taking his sweet little time with everything. Abbie spending three days eating her cereal. The boys on the couch arguing and fussing with each other. Mark trying to drink his coffee as I yell from the bathroom, "Could you help so and so? Could you find James' other shoe?" I get up way way earlier than anyone on Sunday morning, but for some reason I am always the last one to be ready. Anyhoo,

We get to church and during Sunday School this huge thunderstorm comes through. All the little 17 girls in Abbie's SS class were squealing and carrying on and just having a good time being little girls. Right before SS was over Mark said he would get the van and pull it up to the front lobby for us. I then proceeded to get the kids and go down to the lobby to wait on him. Lots of the other dads had the same idea so we had a little wait. It was nice and cool outside the lobby so we just stood on the little covered sidewalk and waited until our turn. Well, Abbie started saying she had to go to the bathroom and since we have such a long drive home I told her to hurry. She was gone about 3 minutes and then Mark was next in line. I was holding James and I told Matt to hurry and tell Abbie to come on. I figured she was talking to her friends somewhere. Just as Mark pulled up a lady who was visiting our church today saw Mark and they started talking through the open van door. It was someone he knew from college. I was buckling James in and Mark introduced us. After she left with her children I jumped in the van and off with went. We had pulled out of the parking lot and were down the street when Tyler says, "Hey, where's Matt?" Abbie screamed and said, "WE LEFT MATT!!!!" In all the rain, the introductions, and trying to get the car seat buckled, I had LEFT MY CHILD at church.

I immediately started feeling sick to my stomach. I knew he was okay. I knew he was not in danger and that everyone in that church would take care of him until we got there. It was the fact that Matt was walking around that church knowing his momma and daddy had LEFT HIM. And the fact that all those people would KNOW that his momma had left him. Mark immediately pulled around, parked, and went in the lobby to look for him. He was fine of course and didn't seem upset at all. He was just walking around looking for us. My heart finally calmed down and all was well.

I am going to start doing a head count from now on though. So, now I have officially left a child at home by mistake and now in public. How about you? Will you dare admit it if you did?


  1. Hey, if Mary could do it to Jesus, and she was FAVORED AMONG WOMEN, maybe we all get a pass at least once.

    Actually, just 2 weeks ago we almost left Big Sister at the restaurant Ryan's. Hubby had just preached at a church in Fort Payne, and we were eating with several other families. (Imagine lots of people) She went to restroom WITH US, but when the little girls and I were finished we went back to the table. Then the boys went to RR. At this point, everyone is getting up to leave. I remembered the boys, and we were waiting on them. When they returned, we all filed out. We were parked in the back 40 (go figure why), and by the time we reached the big ol' van, I realized something or someone was missing. When I realized I had left my eldest child and was about to drive off without her, I felt AWFUL!!! I hurried back to the resturaunt. She was very nice and forgiving, but she was obviously shaken. I just kept reminding myself that Mary did it too, trying to relieve myself of the guilt! LOL! But I hope I don't ever do it again! ;-)

  2. Your Daddy and I left Del at Roebuck Park on a Wednesday night. Lloyd thought I had him and I thought Lloyd had him. I went back to get him but someone brought him home. It was awful and I felt awful,but years later I wonder why it didn't happen more. Your Aunt Tine left one of the twins at home one time. Remember when we lost Jill at Six Flags.

  3. I know it was not a good experience for you, but it makes for a very funny blog post! I'm glad Matt was fine!

  4. I have had some terrible dreams that I left the kids, but thankfully, I never had. My parents LOVE to tell the story of when they left me at church, sleeping on the front pew. Thankfully, we lived right across from the church and they walked back over and got me. They seem to think it was funny !?? I am glad to say, I was not affected by being left at church, but it does make for a good story - right ?

  5. Love Rebekah's comment about Mary, makes you feel better, huh? I haven't left my cats anywhere but I sure would like to.

  6. You must have been mortified! That's a good place to leave them though, at church. :-)

    I don't have any babies of my own. :-( I remember when my nephew started going to school, and I would look in the rearview mirror and NOT see him sitting there, I would have a moment of panic, and then remember he was in school.

    Is he going to let you live this down?


    I'll post my recipe for Strawberry 'Thingies'

  7. I haven't done that...yet...gimme time though and I'm sure I will. The worst I've ever done (and I still feel sick about it) is when the twins were about 4mos old and wearing cloth diapers I pinned the diaper to Evie. Literally to her. She still has a small scar. Terrible, I know. The worst part was I couldn't figure out why she was makes me tear up just thinking about it!

  8. Tell Matt - Welcome to the Clark family!! Do you know how many times this bunch of crazies has left me!?! Uh, remember your first camping trip with us?? Remember how Granddaddy was the only one upset about me standing in the pouring rain waiting, and waiting...while the rest of you were chowing yummy b'fast at Hazel's!!
    Maybe I should take the hint...

  9. So far I haven't left anyone, but I remember my parents leaving my sister in the van once when we were going to a school play. She was only three and was crying and crying! I think my littlest sister got left once, too.

    At least it was at church and you knew he was safe! Every family needs to be able to tell the "left behind" story!

  10. Nope. Never happened. lol

    But....we did lose an 18 month old Bethany in an indoor flea market for about 5 minutes by which time I was hysterical. She got out of her stroller and wandered under a clothing rack. Not a good day.

    And then we lost Ethan at Noccalula when Agape went there. He was at one train station sitting calmly while we were all searching frantically.

  11. Oh my! I could see how this could happen though and I'm glad it all worked out okay.

    I used to work in a grocery store and believe it or not, women have left babies behind in the cart and DRIVEN AWAY before.

    The poor mom would come back into the store close to tears because she felt so bad. All the moms that worked there would tell not to feel so bad, because they understook how she could be so distracted.

    Take Care,


  12. Jennifer's right - it's a Clark thing. Mom and Dad routinely left either me or Mark at church - Nana sometimes drove separately, and everyone presumed we were in one car or the other.

  13. Well, Wendy! I can't belive my ears! Poor Matt! But of course that kid could surive anything with a big smile! I don't recall leaving anyone, but my parent lost me at the fleamarket too. Daddy turned to my mother and very seriously ask Mom where I was. And she looked at him as if she were crazy. The friends that were with them thought the same about dear ol'Dad! My dad had carried me on his shoulders so long that he forgot that I was sitting up there!