Friday, June 5, 2009

Sylvester, the Very Strange Cat

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know that we have some, well, "different" kind of animals on our little homestead. They all look normal from the outside, but once you get to know, not so much. We have had Patsy, the Wonderless Dog, the five-legged toad, and Patty, the special-needs chicken. But, Sylvester has topped them all. First I'll give you a picture of the cat. He looks quite normal, and even quite beautiful for a cat. That is what attracted me to him when my best friend Rebekah convinced me we desperately needed a new one. I am secretly blaming this all on her. I am so just kidding Rebekah, my resistance was down that day, obviously. I also thought it would be fun for James and Sylvester to "grow up" together. Well, James is growing up, Sylvester not so much.

Anyways, we bring Sylvester home on that Friday night and we are all excited. I love all things little and getting to take care of a kitten is fun to me. Like I thought with Patsy, this cat would secretly be mine and would love me the best. Yeah, he loved me. He would not stop trying to nurse on me. Yes, he would grab hold of my fingers and the end of my shirt and try to nurse. At first I just assumed he was lonely and missed his momma. I even thought it was sort of sweet. I began to train him this was not acceptable though. He never got it. If he got anywhere near me he tried to grab hold of the end of my shirttail and nurse. It got very annoying very quickly.

As time went on we began to notice things. Like you could swat him with a broom to get him to move and he would just sit there. It was like he felt no pain. Mark told me from the first night we brought him home something was not right with the cat and he was so right. James would grab him and pull him around and he just laid there and took it. (BTW, we trained James how to treat him, it just took time). We have a very normal 14 year old cat named Kitty and so we knew that things were not the same. It is very hard to explain here on paper (blog).

He also harassed the two other cats continually. Like, all the time. Everyone just grew to like him less and less. He was like the bully at school. But, we had him and Mark has a rule here, if you take on an animal you are responsible for it and so we continued to try to make the best of him. If anything he was pretty to look at, from a distance. When he was old enough we had him fixed in hopes it would calm him down and he would leave the other cats alone. So far this has not happened and it has been over a year.

This little incident was the final straw for me though. When this happened I gave up all hope of ever liking him. I just tolerate Sylvester now. I know that sounds mean, and like I said I have 16 chickens and two other cats that I just love. And I haven't given up hope on having a new dog one day. I love little things and please remember these are animals, not human babies. I LOVE all human babies. I have a house full and want more! But, after reading this you will understand.

Abbie and I were sitting in her room playing Barbies one day. Sylvester walks through and plops down in my lap. I was rubbing her and I said to Abbie, "You know, Sylvester is getting older now and maybe he will calm down and be a good cat." And right then, I am not kidding, right then, the cat tee-teed all over me. Have you ever?


  1. Listen, if my cats ever pee on me - it's over. I don't even know what to say.

  2. Maybe we separated him from his mama too early???

    Of course, I could always make it up to you. How 'bout I give you another to make it up? Maybe 2? I have 5 on my backporch right now that would love a chance to make things right? ;-)

    On a serious note, his mama, his grandmama, and his aunts and uncle all seem quite normal. Maybe it's the water. . . .

  3. Rebekah, I really hope its not the water. We water our garden with the well-water. :)

    Jill, you have already won the "Put up with the craziest cats award" so surely this would not happen to you!

  4. Oh, no... that's horrible! Yes, that would be the end for me as well. We have just taken in a new kitten and he is like a terrible little attack cat. He jumps out of nowhere and attacks me. Just grabs my ankle and bites! My little girl won't walk barefooted anymore. She wears boots around the house now! So I feel ya on the whole tolerating thing! It doesn't sound mean. I totally understand!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate your condolences. It's very hard. I had a flock of 25 once that nothing ever bothered, but we did have a dog then. I actually just got back from town to get some Gatorade for my injured hen.

    I'm looking forward to looking around your blog!

    Thanks again


  6. Well, I am allergic to cats, so not a huge fan . . . but I generally do like all pets and this would put me over the edge. I think I'd list him on Freecycle or drop him off at the humane society after an episode like that!

  7. Wendy, I have been meaning to ask you do you still have Uda Cleortis La BoomBoom? Keith and I were just talking about Uda the other day and I thought for a minute that Sylvester might be Uda but realizing now it is not.

  8. Cindy, yes we still have "Kitty". He is 14 years old now and has been through all our moves with us. He has been a great cat. He is pretty old now and is blind in one eye. We think he might have a tumor on one of his hind legs too. He still puts up with all the kids and the other cats though.

  9. NICE. Our cat, Oreo, went through a peeing stage when I had foot surgery and was on crutches. She peed on me on our bed all the time. Then, when I had a second foot surgery, she did it again. Apparently, she's got a thing against crutches.

    Wow, I feel a blog post coming on...