Wednesday, June 3, 2009

VBS Reflections

I have learned a few new things about five year olds these week and was reminded of a couple. I LOVE five year olds. They still think the teacher is sweet and cool and they are potty-trained. Here are some things I have learned:

1. Being first in line is VERY VERY important to a five year old. Being the "caboose" is a close second. They are very serious about reminding me (over and over) who is the next line leader and how much longer until it is their turn to be the line leader.

2. A five year old boy who accidentally wears his shirt backwards is very cute.

3. Boys and girls do NOT want to sit by each other, unless they are cousins or twins and then it is imperative that they sit by each other, or stand by each other at all times.

4. If your name is Conner it is VERY VERY important to the mother of Conner that his nametag be spelled correctly. If the teacher of 13 five year olds accidentally spells your name ConnOr then mom will make sure the teacher knows she has messed up and that she wants it fixed. (Yes, this really happened, and it took everything in me to look at her and say "Are you serious?) She was.

5. Little five year olds singing sweet songs about Jesus and doing the hand motions and about jumping out of their seat to tell you how much THEY love Jesus is the sweetest thing ever.

My non-stander has not come back since the first day. It makes me sad because he needs to hear about Jesus just like everyone else. He also needs to stand up and walk. But, tomorrow is the last day and I really hope he comes back.


  1. I've learned a lot, too from VBS this year which I hope to post on. I'm going to have to settle down first, because you know that I am NO where near as sweet as you are!
    Also, I am totally with Jill on the non-walker...get his mother in there to carry him!

  2. Cute! I will have to keep these tips in mind as Ali gets older. And remember to ALWAYS check the spelling of little boys named Conner.

  3. Uh oh - I hope the nonwalker's mom didn't read your blog...

  4. You had me sold on potty trained!


  5. Too cute! I will have the 5 year olds in my VBS class later this summer. It's always an adventure.

  6. Cute!! Even though mine is 24 I sure can use some of these when my grandbaby is 5. lol