Monday, June 1, 2009

Vacation Bible School Day One

Well, I am home and I am mush. What is it about VBS that makes you so tired? Mark and the older boys are off to Cub Scout Day Camp and so James, Abbie, and I are doing a big bunch of nothing. They are watching a kiddie show and I am browsing the blogs. After supper, when it cools down, I am going to plant some tomatoes. Sweet Hubby got the garden tilled (again) this morning and it is ready to plant. Normally we would have our whole garden in and things would be growing like crazy. This year it would not stop raining so things have been too wet. We are on a very low plot of ground it takes forever to dry up. Anyway, that's the rest of my day. Nothing and then tomatoes. I might make some mac and cheese for the kids supper and then again I might let them have a bowl of cereal. No mom of the week awards for me this week.

But, I might get the VBS teacher of the week award. And all because of a certain five year old boy named Robert. Who won't walk. And its not because he can't. He just chooses not too. And he won't talk to us. He pouts and lets us carry him around from room to room. They had to actually go and get a teenage boy to carry the child around. (By the way, he does not have any issues at all, the Children's Director says this is what he does to manipulate teachers and they are used it in their Mother's Day Out program.) I did try to show love and compassion for about the first hour and after that I pretty much told him he could just lay there if he wanted to, but we were going to have fun. So he pretty much just laid there. I know what would happen if he was my child, but since he isn't I just stepped over him. He's as cute as a button though and hopefully by the end of the week he will warm up. And at least stand.

Edited to Add: I just got through planting 39 tomato plants. Abbie helped me for four and then she said she had to run and get something. I never saw her again.

Also, James really wants Sylvester to be a momma cat and he keeps picking her up and looking under her. He looks at me and says, "No eggs." He is a little confused about the whole kittens and chicks thing. I'm not sure how to explain it to a two year old, any suggestions?


  1. Macs and cheese (from the box) makes me mom of the year around here, since usually I make it from scratch, which no one but me likes!

    I smiled at the picture of that little boy just laying there. I know what would happen if that were my child, too. And I definitely would just be stepping over him!

  2. Uhhh, ya'll need to call his Mama in there to carry him from room to room. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  3. I wish I had some suggestions on how to explain that to a two year old, but unfortunately I don't. Sure is a cute story though! I ran into your blog from Alabama Bloggers and have really enjoyed looking through some of your posts. You have a great blog here.

  4. That is hilarious about James and Sylvester! What a cutie!

    BTW, the chicks are moving into their permanent quarters today. Yea!

  5. What an adorable post! I'll give you the most adorable mom of the year award. lol. I loved hearing about the kid that WON'T walk. That is hilarious! I'd have no problem eating cake and icecream 20 feet away from him. Just torture the little guy!