Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fill In The Blank

Thank you for all your sweet words on yesterday's post. Yesterday was a doozy. I mean a knock me out for the count doozy. But, today has been much better. I have even decided to let the kids do a messy science project after James goes down for his nap. I'm thinking I need some time on my swing today too. If I don't get my swing time each day I get grouchy.

I saw this meme thing on A Dusty Attic (in my roosts) and thought I would do it too. If you decide to put it on your blog leave me a comment so I can come see.

1. Maybe I should be….I am not even going to start listing all I SHOULD be doing right now.
2. I love…my sweet hubby, my kiddos, and warm brownies with ice cream on top.
3. People would say that I … slightly dramatic (well, Mark says overly dramatic, but what does he know, I mean he just lives with me :) )
4. I don’t understand...when I have to drive downtown why I get lost every time. Why is it so confusing to me?
5. When I wake up in the morning…..I "tumble out of bed and stumble in the kitchen"
6. I lost… video camera and I still don't know where it is!
7. Life is full of……children laughing, crying, whining, or fighting.
8. My past taught me….(I'm still learning everyday)
9. I get annoyed when…..people's toenails aren't painted (I know people, but I just can't let it go).
10. At a party I……tend to get shy, unless it's with my good girlfriends and then I talk and talk and talk...
11. I wish……the social worker would call and say we have a baby girl.
12. Dogs……are cute, loud, and stinky.
13. Cats…..don't even get me started.
14. Tomorrow… library day!
15. I have a low tolerance for…..(see #9 above).
16. If I had a million dollars…..I would build a big house and fill it full of adopted children.
17. I’m totally terrified of……mice and heights.

Now it’s your turn!


  1. Such a fun "meme" that the word?....hopefully, I will be back in the game next week and will be able to use it sometime soon. I've been on vacation and when I got home just thought I would extend my mental break a few days longer. A good thing, trust me. Have loved reading and catching up on the blogs I love though! Hope you get in some good swing time today!

  2. That was great! I hate mice,too! They can be a real pest in the country~we have mice catchers~Kitty and friends to catch them! Thank you for sharing and God bless, Rose

  3. There are so many things I should be doing right now, but I'd much rather catch up on my blog reading :)
    I'm with you on the warm brownies with ice cream, yummy!