Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“When people see our big family traipsing through the market or walking to the park or leaving for church squeaking clean or arriving at church slightly dirty because a few of us have already fallen down in the dirt, they say things like, ‘My! You’re busy’ or ‘You have your hands full!’

But, the way I see it, isn’t that the point? Since when is the goal to have your hands empty?
Whether I get it all done or whether I don’t, it doesn’t really matter. Whose tombstone ever said, ‘She was always caught up with her mending’ anyway?”
Daja @
In Other Words

(Or in my case, the ironing.) I saw this post on Kelly's Generation Cedar blog and it has become one of my new favorites.

For today my hands have been full. I have had some homeschool struggles, a disobedient two year old, a to-do list that will never get done today, a garden that needs so much attention, and the termite inspection man just showed up unexpectedly and I had to write him an unexpected $113 dollar check. Emotionally I have been on the verge of crying all day. I want to just sit and cry (and sometimes I do that and think everyone should do that), but just a minute ago I was reminded by the Spirit that it is not about me. Oh, it is about my sanctification because God loves me and cares about me. But, this day was ordained before the beginning of time for HIS glory, not mine. I would love to have it all together and be able to know just what to do with my children and my home. I heard a woman, a very well-respected woman in the homeschool community, say she wanted to be a SuperMom because her children deserved a SuperMom. Guilt, guilt I felt as I heard that. Of course, I thought my children deserved a SuperMom also so I set out again to "get it all together" and make everyone miserable so my children could look good on the outside and hate me on the inside. I thought about this statement for a long time. And just a few minutes ago as I was on the exercise machine the Spirit reminded me that my children don't need a SuperMom, they need a SuperJesus. One whom they can turn to when their mother fails them again. One they can turn to when they are having to make a wise choice on how to treat their siblings. One that will give them joy when the world hurts them.

They need me of course. God put them in my family and I am to love, protect, and raise them by His Word. They need me to cuddle, to kiss boo-boos, to discipline, to listen to their ideas and stories. And yes, they need me to teach them handwriting and to cook their lunch. They need clean clothes and fun days to just be children.

But they don't need a mom who doesn't need Jesus too.

I hope my hands are always full. We were put here on the Earth to work and I happen to love my work-helping my husband, raising these children, and keeping my home. Today has just been a very full day, and its not even over, and I am so thankful that I don't have to have it together for Jesus.


  1. Honey honey hit the nail on the head!
    It is days like that I say "only by Your grace, Father"...That song "Your grace is enough..." rings SO TRUE! His grace is sufficient!
    And tears? Nothing brings me to tears like parking a 15 passenger in a parking deck downtown. I have pictures to document that event. It was almost a "34"...but not quite!
    Sanctification! I just read in Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest":
    "When I pray, 'Lord, show me what sanctification means for me,' He will show me. It means being made one with Jesus. Sanctification is not something Jesus puts in me--it is Himself in me."
    Love you Wendy! Your perseverance will reap Heavenly rewards!

  2. I second that emotion! Everyone always says, "Oh, you have your hands full!" I'm never sure if it's meant to be complimentary, derogatory, or they just don't know what to say.
    Personally, I like having my hands full. It means I'm busy and you know, idle hands...
    And sorry, but SuperMom doesn't live here!
    I'd much rather my children see that I need Christ's help and blessings and see me asking for them daily than for them to think I'm too perfect for His help.

  3. Oh how perfect is this post. I had just the same day on Saturday. Just wanted to sit down and cry. I felt like such a failure at everything I touched. But you put it so beautiful! My kids don't need to see a perfect mom, just a perfect Jesus living inside of me.

  4. We need to never look to another human to meet our needs. Our needs are to be carried before the Father (who already knows them). It puts a tremendous burden on us when we forget that Jesus is the only needmeeter we should ever seek and we should pray for those who think we can meet their needs, tht they will find comfort and peach in HIM. I am so glad you know that my grandchildren need HIM more than you. You are special.

  5. Sorry about the spelling. I got in a hurry.

  6. Wendy, you are a wonderful mother. I love it that you teach your kids to love the Lord.

  7. What a great post. I have been reminding myself alot lately that God is the one that is perfect, so I don't have to be. He didn't call us to be perfect.

    What really hit home was that lady saying her kids deserved a Supermom. That sure would make anyone feel guilty you know? I'm so thoroughly convinced that when things look a little too perfect on the outside that there is a lot of turmoil on the inside. It takes someone spiritually healthy to be in a big mess, lovin' their kids, being real, and being happy throughout it all. When you finally give up trying to impress people and make people 'think' that you've really got it all together. If we did have it all together, why would we need Him?

  8. So so true! He is the one who can do it all, not us, and who are we to think we can or should?
    Such an encouraging post Wendy, thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for writing this Wendy. So very very true. Oh, how I needed to hear this and be reminded of it!!! What a great blessing it is for us to have our hands full. And how freeing it is to remember that we do not have nor will we be able to have it all together. Our hope is Christ IN us!

  10. Thanks for your transparency Wendy! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has those days, but we wouldn't trade them for the world, would we?

  11. God bless you! I totally needed to hear this today. You may have your hands full, but it sounds like you've got your heart full of God's love. Beautiful post!

  12. It could say on my tombstone, "her laundry never got done." It's hard keeping up with 5 boys. Sometimes it takes greater strength to let go and just sit than it does to get up and do. My goal this year is to laugh more, experience joy. If that means my house won't be so straight, well, o.k. If I don't show my sons how to find joy and laugh,then they'll never stop and smell the beautiful flowers God put in their path.

    Beautiful post! Thanks for being such a blessing:)

  13. Oh what a perfectly written, heartfelt post!

    To be reminded that it is ONLY through the grace that Jesus gives us that we do anything! You are so right - our kids do not need super mom (which in my house means a short tempered, I want it perfect, freak out OCD mom, which isn't good for ANYONE) - they need a super GOD, who is awesome and forgiving and grace giving and holds us when we can't do it alone. I'm learning (still) to lean on Jesus, to pray when I want to yell, to ask for forgiveness when I get it wrong (which is often) and to live as authentically for Jesus as I can. Which does not equal perfection, but growth. I hope today is a better day :)

  14. I TOTALLY know where you are. I've been having a ton of Mommy Guilt too lately... You put it so wonderfully! Thanks!

  15. Thanks for posting this, Wendy. I agree, I could spend all my time doing all those things I see around me to do . . . and some days I do many of them . . . yet there are always more to do . . . and my children will NOT be little forever. Some days it seems like they will, but they won't. I don't need to be short-tempered, perfect SuperMom. I need to be praying, Jesus-following, pointing-my-children-to-the-Cross Mom.