Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"James Wuz Here," Tuesday Edition

Here is how we have known James has been here today. (Besides all the cuteness and meltdowns).

1. The 300 cottonballs strewn over all the den.

2. He tried to "wash his face" with toilet paper dipped in the toilet. And then for good measure he took the plunger and mixed up the nice concoction in the toilet.

3. He colored in our science textbook. Just a sweet reminder of him as we use the book all year long.

4. Found his Soft Puppy in the pots and pans cabinet. He hides things (like the phone and the remote control) all over the house. I guess he hid Soft Puppy so mommy would get more exercise looking for it all over the house.

5. We are on our third outfit (as of 5 pm) because he keeps getting wet outside.

Someone really needs to supervise this child.

But, in other wonderful, terrific, awesome news....

Today I began to teach Abbie to IRON. After James went down for his nap I started to tackle my laundry pile. I did not do it Saturday night as I said I would. I just couldn't. I looked at it and tried to will it up, but the will would not come. But, as of this morning, it had to be done. Mark had nothing else he could wear to work.

So, I was ironing away in the den watching People's Court (we only get four channels and it was that, COPS, Thomas the Train, or One Life to Live) . Wow, never having watched People's Court except in passing as I walked through the room, I was amazed at the absolute craziness of these people. To be so well, um, not smart, and then go on TV and admit it. Wow. But, back to the topic. Abbie came in from playing and told me she wanted to learn how to iron. I have always said no because I don't want her to get burned, but today I thought I would let her give it a try. She LOVED it. Seriously. Her grin was so big that I had to take a picture. She declared she would do this for me everyday. Oh, the naivete of youth. But, she did three dress shirts and she did a really good job.

So tomorrow, Tyler learns to wash the clothes and Matt learns to fold. Laundry, check.

Also, this morning Abbie brought me the brush and ponytail holders. She does this every morning after she gets dressed. I love brushing her hair because I know that one day she will stop asking me to do this. She is my only girl (so far) and I love doing her hair. Anyway, she wanted something different today so I did this. She thought it was funny and I think she is adorable.


  1. OHHHHH! I know about those children NEEDING to be supervised! Sunday at small group, I had children moving MY furniture in the kid's rooms, people playing in my closets, one little kid spanking one big kid with Mr. Fix-it, Elmer's glue poured into my carpet, a LARGE bottle of bubbles poured out on the garage floor, ummmm, yes my list goes on! I was really tired by the time everyone left! Keep an eye on him Mama Hen!

  2. Please keep in mind that they were only here for 3 hours and that there were 12 of them.

  3. Oh yes, teach those kids to do laundry. You know Mama started us early on that too. Smart move!

  4. Tell Abbie that I am so proud of her and I am also very proud of you because you are teaching the kids how to be adults.

  5. Love teaching those lifeskills! That little face of hers is so cute. how do you manage to get anything done but stare at it!?

  6. Who is supervising those children? (I'm not talking about yours...I'm talking about mine!) What a great line! Such a funny post. Sad I could have written it. Are you as tired as I am?

  7. TOO cute!! I love how adventurous James is!!

    And way to go on the ironing...I need Abbie! I am _TERRIBLE_ at ironing. Lucky for me, my husband wears shorts to work 10 months out of the year. Or maybe 11.5 months. But at any rate, I can't and I don't iron.

  8. Abbie, I am so proud of you! \

    Mama Hen, will you come teach me now???

  9. I love that my kids sort, semi-fold, and put away their laundry. Granted, "put away" often means sitting in a basket in their room until all the clean clothes become dirty clothes but hey, at least its not piled up on the couch!

  10. Okay, first, have I ever told you the story of my first-born and how I could NOT leave our seminary apartment for an entire week because she snatched my keys and hid them in the oven of a toy kitchen? She was just past a year old. I looked EVERYWHERE in that apartment and we finally decided they'd turn up eventually--which they did!

    Second, have you been reading Tom Sawyer lately? How DID you make ironing look like so much fun that she begged to do it too? Hmmm, thinking here how to make all the chores look like more fun than Alabama Adventure . . .

  11. I love how honest you are about what is really going on at your house...it's very funny to read about it! Abbie's new hairdo is very cute!

  12. Good morning!! Please check out my blog when you can...we have some friends desperately needing prayer today....thanks wendy!

  13. Your Abbie is so cute~Bless her little heart. I can tell she wants to be your little helper to iron and lighten your load. I started my young ones on laundry too! It has been a work in progress~sometimes the shirts and pants come out a little messed up but I don't care because I know they are putting their heart into it and helping me out quite a bit with all the chores. God bless and have a great day! Rose

  14. How old is Abbie again? Because I would LOVE IT if someone would teach one of my chickies to iron. I don't care which one. . .

    It occurred to me the other day that both of them could stand to learn to sew, so my next project is too have them practice on buttons. Isn't it funny how much they WANT to learn?

    She's pretty cute, your little girl! Love the pony tails!