Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Race Has Begun

Well, the race has begun here at my house. The race to can or freeze our produce before it overruns me. (Or kills me.) It has started with our apples. They are ripe so I have had the kids out for the last two days picking. Last night I started cutting up apples and today I finished half of them. I made 10 quarts of apple pie filling. This was a much longer process than I thought I it would be, but I think it will be worth it. I hope to cut more tonight and can them tomorrow after church. This was the first time I have made apple pie filling and it tastes delicious. Our peppers are ready to pick and freeze. I freeze them until all the tomatoes are ready to make salsa. And the tomatoes should start turning this week. When that happens my kitchen just looks like a big red mess all the time.

Other than that we have been having quite days at home. Doing a little school and trying to stay cool. Fav Girl Cousin came and spent the night with Abbie last night and they had fun this morning doing our homemade slip and slide. I bought a real slip and slide (against all better judgement - those things scare me to death. They look like a trip to the ER with a broken bone to me, but ANYHOOS, the kids broke me down). But, the real slip and slide was not nearly big enough so Mark came up with a much bigger one.

Oh, well, Blogger is not letting me post the picture of the slip and slide (probably for the best), just imagine a huge black tarp and hoses spraying all over it. Imagine many children running and sliding and trying their best to break their arm. (Well, that's my opinion anyway.)


  1. Your apple pie filling looks wonderful. I've never tried to make that before. We're also waiting on the tomatoes to turn.
    Happy canning!!

  2. Yummy!!! How i wish we had a garden....

    We used to use a tarp squirted down with shampoo then added the broken bones! Have fun!

  3. Wendy, I wish Mama could have seen your apples. They look beautiful and you know how she loved the way canned food looked. When we would can soup she would always say that it was so pretty.

  4. Oh wow, don't those bottles look lovely all in a row! Yum!!

  5. Oooohhh, you need to make a cake with the cooked apples as the icing like Grandmother used to make me for my birthday. Oh yeah, my birthday is right around the corner, hint, hint...

  6. Where I live in MO, they are saying that the apples won't turn out this year, because of so much flooding. I hope they are wrong, because I have friends who live on an organic orchard, and I was hoping to pick up a few bushels this fall!

    My white peaches will not be ready till late August, and I am getting very impatient!

    Your apple pie filling looks delicious!