Monday, July 20, 2009


We had a working weekend again. Well, Mark did lots of work. I did the apple pie filling and took naps. I was struggling all weekend to stay awake. It was strange. But, today I am feeling better so I guess I will have to get up and do something.

This morning I sent all four kids out in the yard to play while I did some cleaning in the house. After awhile I went to the back door to check on everyone. I saw this.

That's my two year old in the chicken pen with Pearl. I ran to snap a picture and then got him out because.... ewww, gross, disgusting. In all fairness the older three did not put him there and they were trying to get him out. (This is Pearl's new home that Mark and Matt built this weekend. She is off my back porch now! THANK YOU sweet hubby)

In other non-interesting news my favorite flip-flops broke this morning when I was sweeping. They are 7 years old and I got them on clearance from AVON for $7.99 so I can honestly say I have gotten my money out of them. They were perfect for wearing around the house and doing garden work. You could just spray them off with a hose and they were good to go.

Did you know I used to sell AVON years ago? I loved it. I loved talking to people and trying all the new stuff. It just got to be too much for me though, having a 4, 2, and 1 year old. And they started selling some things I just didn't agree with so that was the confirmation I needed to go. Oh, how I loved getting those new catalogs every two weeks though, fun, fun.

Hey, here's a garden lesson. When you plant cantaloupe seeds, spread them out. Don't drop them in a neat little line in a furrow. Because if you do, your garden will become a cantaloupe bed and look like this.

Fortunately we like cantaloupes. (I am learning something new every year).

This afternoon I will be doing more laundry and then taking Tyler to his Scout meeting. I have decided that the Boy Scouts and Honda have a secret pact to keep me in my van as much as they can. The sooner I run that mileage up the sooner I will have to buy a new one. They don't know I plan to run that thing into the ground. I'm just kidding about Scouts, they only meet one night a week and as far as moms go I have zero to do with it. Mark does all the work with him. I just really like to stay home so I whine whenever I get the chance. Isn't that pleasant?


  1. I love being at home too! This summer I have hardly left the house and I still have yet to leave and return to an empty house. I always stay out until Andrew's home from work, flashbacks of the break-in keep me freaked out to come home alone! But in general, I stay home and LOVE it!

  2. I have a favorite pair of flip flops also. Mine are...get ready...20 years old!! It's sad, I know. But they're great for just what you said...wearing around the house, out in the garden, etc.

    That picture of your son is very adorable! Do you know anything about pumpkins??? I need some HELP!!! Thanks!

  3. Seeing James in that chicken pen made me want to throw up!GROSS!!!! Yea that Pearl is off the porch, I know you were glad about that. Love U!

  4. Hey Wendy! I'm missin' YOU! I love the cantelope... My own tomatoes aren't a foot high! But they do have blooms!

    I'm still looking for my favorite flip flops. My good ol' bare feet will do!

  5. Your picture made me laugh, because I KNOW that my now 2yo Joshua would have done the same thing!


  6. Looks like James has found a new "playpen"!
    I love flip flops, I wear them every single day from April through October! I haven't been lucky enough to have a pair last for 7 years, I usually wear them out after a couple of years.

  7. Yuck on the chicken pen--though I'm glad Pearl has a new home--I'm glad you got James out of there! Go treat yourself to a new pair of flip-flops! Get a cute pair and post a picture of it.

  8. Knowing what a chicken pen smells like...all I can say is 'yucko'! I too had a weekend where I struggled to stay away, and today was rather the same. SO tired.

    Sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy girl. I like Avon too. It reminds me of my mom, she must have been the Avon Lady's best customer. Ordered out of EVERY campaign!