Thursday, July 2, 2009

School Room, Check!

I don't guess I really should call it a school room. We don't do school in it, but it holds our books, and the computer, and all the school supplies, so it's called the school room. It has taken most of the day, but thanks to Jennie's playlist I am done. I turned it up and wasted an unbelievable amount of time singing and dancing to Suspicious Minds. Did you know that when I am alone in the house I sound EXACTLY like Elvis' backup singers on that song? It's true.

No pictures, but I will give you a breakdown on some of the things I found while sorting and purging.

  • 3 dirty gross socks
  • James' pj bottoms
  • $1.53
  • a book that I could not find so I had ordered another one
  • approximately 15 readers that my children were supposed to be reading throughout the school year ~ unless they were reading under the computer desk in the far corner, I don't think any of them were finished
  • four 4th of July books that I should have read to my kids to prepare them for the 4th of July ~ maybe tomorrow?
  • a big handful of cat food ~ I'm almost sure James decided that under Matt's school box was the best place to store the cat food
  • 1, 657 paper clips
  • 3, 890 ponytail holders

But, now I have all the kid's separate books in nifty rubbermaid containers and if Mark asks me where a pencil that is actually sharpened is I will be able to direct him to the pencil holder. I can say, "the pencil holder is on the computer desk", and it will be there. Until approximately 8:32 am tomorrow. Then all bets are off.

Tonight is garden work night and Abbie is already telling me her tummy is hurting. She's starting a little early today on the excuses. I have her laying on the couch so she can rest up for the hoeing ahead. I know, I know, mean momma...


  1. You DID take before and after pictures, right?!?!?!?!

    Regardless, I admire you for your tenacity. I have a closet behind me that desperately needs that sort of loving tender care.

  2. I love all the treasures you find when you clean out something that hasn't been cleaned in a time I found a $100 bill when cleaning out my dresser drawers, I had hid it in an old wallet so I wouldn't spend it right away :)

  3. I'm honored that you chose my playlist as your cleaning muse! Thanks for the compliment! The funny thing is we do the same thing with it, when I need to get the kids to help me clean we log on,turn the speakers up, and get to work!

  4. Good job! I love organizing...I just hate it that 10 minutes later when my kids are done with it, you can't tell I did anything! :-)

  5. Sounds like a productive day! My "school room" is in a bit of a mess again but the big ugly filing cabinet was EVICTED TODAY!!! I am excited it is gone! :-)

  6. I think ponytails multiply, especially in a house full of girls. Of course, it doesn't help that Caroline is always using them to "make" something. I find them EVERYWHERE!!!!

  7. Suspicious Minds, Wake up Little Susie, has helped us clean many a day. I love remembering my Wendy and Jill singing and dancing as we cleaned.

  8. Oh, your entries are hilarious and every time I read one I remember why I love your blog!

    You have outlined some of the very same exact problems I have had with my children. I thought I was the only one.


    PS - Happy 4th!

  9. I totally read hair blogs, that's how I learn so many hairstyles for the girls and get cute ideas! The one i've found that is the clearest (and she posts videos explaining the steps in the style) is The Story of a Princess and Her Hair. I'm not sure of the web address, but I'm sure you can google it. Your Abbie would probably love all the fun hair-dos!!

  10. I still Mama turning on the record player (yes, I said the record player) and us cleaning to all the oldies but goodies. Love it!

  11. Oh, I have school cabinets and a closet that I STILL have to sort and that I have been talking about for at least 4 months. It is that one task that gets pushed to the back every single time! Good for you for getting yours done.
    ~AL blogger