Friday, July 3, 2009

Thrift Store Fun

I love me the thrift store! Oh, my goodness, a fun day for me would be a day to go and just explore and look at all the books and magazines and hidden treasures. I took three of the kiddos this morning and we went exploring. I found some kid's books, including one for Abbie that will be age appropriate. It is VERY hard to find books for young girls that don't include parent problems, ghosts, horses, or boyfriends. I can handle the horses, but Abbie isn't the slightest bit interested in horses. Any suggestions for me? Matt has been wanting to read Robin Hood and I found one that is perfect for his age. Anyhoo... I found a Sorry game, a Jr. Monopoly game (I just taught the three oldest how to play and I had forgotten how much fun it is), two Jay-Jay wooden puzzles for James, a book for me, a drawing book for the boys, a TobyMac CD for Tyler, and some more Little People farm animals to go with James' Little people farm. You have to be careful when you get the games and puzzles because many times some of the pieces are gone, but today I hit the jackpot!

My inlaws are coming home tomorrow. They have been gone for 13 days on a tour of Canada and the Dakotas. We are going to grill out tomorrow night and shoot fireworks with them. They have sent word that there are "NO GOOD" veggies in Canada so we are having a little different food than the traditional 4th of July fare. I am going to surprise them with grilled chicken and lots of good down-home southern veggies. And apple pie and ice cream. I am thinking about making a cake also, but haven't decided about that one. And homemade lemonade. I am going to try it for the first time. My grandmother always fixed lemonade for the 4th and doing it reminds me of her.

Today Mark has been home and we have just been relaxing and playing games this afternoon. Tonight is more garden work and if I don't iron tonight Mark will not have ANY clothes to wear to work next week. The pile is overflowing from the clothes chair in our room (does anyone else have a chair specifically to hold clothes in your bedroom?" We do.


  1. I love thrift stores too! I particularyly like to find books and Tupperware :)

    I went to visit a few while I was at my parents last week and came home with some treasures!

  2. Don't tell anybody, but that's my secret joy, too! My kids think it's like a treasure hunt. (Me too!)

    Yes, I also have a designated chair where I throw my clothes that need to be hung up. I'm glad it's not just me!

  3. For the love, make sure Mark has clothes to wear next week so I won't be scarred forever! Ya'll have fun today. Sounds like ya'll are going to have an AWESOME dinner! I hope the lemonade turns out well - if it tastes like Grandmother's, you're gonna be assigned to be that to every function for life!

  4. Oh Mama Hen, birds of a feather flock together. I love thrift stores so much. Yard sales, thrift stores. They are wonderful! We have so much in common. Too bad we couldn't be neighbors. I'd even help you iron and weed that garden!

    PS...where should I send all my homeschool questions? :-)

  5. I love the thrift store, too. I try to stop at least twice a month. Friday morning K called me and asked me to meet her at the thrift store. We spent at least two hours there!

    We picked out some really cute children's jigsaw puzzles for the Preschool Activity Bags. I walked out with $44 worth of stuff--my cart was literally overflowing! I got one of those roll-up felt puzzle mats, a jigsaw puzzle, several board games from preschool Thomas the Tank engine to adult Bible trivia, some good books, a pair of toddler shoes, 3 Liberty's Kids videos, and more. King Arthur is super-excited about a glow-in-the-dark paint and stencil set to transform his ceiling into its own planetarium!

    I've got a photo on the old yucky digital camera if I can get my hubby to load it I'll show it off on my blog soon.

  6. We did make a try for a vegetable plate, but it didn't work. There's no place like home.