Thursday, August 20, 2009

Honeymoon Story Winner

Can I tell you how much I enjoyed reading all your honeymoon stories? And how thankful I am that I was not the only to call my dad on my honeymoon.

The prize for the winner is a jar of my homemade salsa and homemade muscadine jelly. My Sweet Hubby picked a number at random and he picked #6 which was LouCinda. LouCinda, I'll contact you and get your address. Hope you enjoy it!

Jill called and told me last night she was never going to tag me again because I have not posted my top 10 favorite movies. Its so hard to decide! I'll think it through today and post tomorrow.


  1. How fun!! I am so excited! I will be sending you my info!

    BUGS!! I hate when that happens. I bet if you drop them a little note, they will send you more!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. Mama Hen...just stopping by to catch up with you and your doings. That pic of you camping is hysterical! Loved all of your 'mad as a hornet, mean as a snake'...I'm using those all the time, so I do think I must be southern.


    Happy day to you!