Friday, August 21, 2009

Tagged by Jill

My sister Jill tagged me earlier this week with my Top Ten Favorite Movies. This was a hard one for me. As Mark says "I think too much." Only I can take a simple tag and turn it into something stressful. I would think of one thing and then think of another. So, here is my list. This are in no order and I cannot guarantee that these are really my top ten because as soon as I post this I will think of another. So, lets just say these are ten movies I like:

1. Steel Magnolias- I cry everytime I watch this. Everytime. And I don't have a sweet little dainty cry either. I have a sobbing, face turns red and swells up cry. Its embarrassing, really.

2. Pride and Prejudice-I have only seen the PBS version, but I could have it running on the TV all time and not get bored with it.

3. Funny Farm-a funny movie of course, but I love the house they bought in the country. My dream house. And the wife wears the prettiest clothes.

4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding-Mark and I love this movie. Why can't all movies be sweet and funny like this?

5. Father of the Bride, Steve Martin version

6. Lord of the Rings movies-The orcs give me nightmares, literally, but these are great movies with a great message. Who could think of all this stuff? Well, Tolkien did, but it is just amazing to me the creativity of people.

7. Rear Window

8. Rebecca, based on the book by Daphne DuMuir. My sister and I used to watch this a lot when we were teenagers. I like the old version, but the recent PBS version is awesome.

9. Sweet Home Alabama

10. Madea's Family Reunion-I can't say for sure this is on my top ten, but when Madia (sp?) tells the young girl in the back of her car to "stop popping that gum" I crack up everytime.

Okay, I tag, Corla, April, and Jeanette.

If I have left off any great movies that you love let me know in the comments. Mark and I love to watch movies at night after the kids are in bed. We always need good suggestions.


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  2. I would add Little Woman,
    Meet Me In St. Louis, and It's a Wonderful Life.

  3. I would add Grease 1 and 2, Pretty Woman, Dumb and Dumber

  4. hey!! for the abortion/adoption button, just see if you can right click copy and save it. If that doesn't work, email me.

  5. Mama Hen...this would be a hard tag for sure. I'd never be able to make a top ten list. I'd add Pride and Prejudice, Moonstruck, and It's a Wonderful Life. Those are three of my favs.

  6. I love 4 of those, and I haven't seen about half of them. But I would definitely have to add Princess Bride. So many awesome lines in that movie. So much fun! Do you like Secondhand Lions? Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? A couple more favorites here.

  7. Those are all good movies! But, I too, would have made this a big stressful chore! You did good!