Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lipstick, Molly, and Andrew

I was in Publix yesterday and saw that Molly Ringwald is on the cover of People magazine. I really really really wanted to buy it and read about Molly, but I didn't for two reasons: 1) its a trash magazine, and 2) we are trying to adopt a baby who apparently will literally be worth her weight in gold and I need to save every penny I can.

But honestly, I just wonder how ole Molly is doing. You see, Molly and I go waaaaay back. In high school I wanted to be Molly Ringwald. I had all her lines in her movies memorized and I sooooo wanted my hair to be just like hers. I wanted to be able to make my prom dress like she did in Pretty in Pink and that lipstick thing she did with her cleavage~ I could totally do that. Now, not so much.

Speaking of cleavage and lipstick, when I was going through Rush in college we were not allowed to take our purses with us to the halls. There was no way in the world I was going to go without my lipstick, so I stuck it in my cleavage and would just run to the bathroom between halls and apply my lipstick. I am still that way about lipstick. I may not have any other makeup on, but I WILL have my lipstick on. I'm a good Southern girl after all.

Anyways, back to Molly. I liked all her movies, but Pretty in Pink was the best. Andrew McCarthy was my crush. He had the best eyes, and the way he talked, so slow and deliberate. It was more than my 16 year old heart could take. I was going to find a way to marry Andrew. I knew that once he saw me he would realize what an uncanny resemblance I had to Molly's hair and he would know that we would have great chemistry just like Molly and he did. My 16 year old brain actually thought things like that. Bless my parent's hearts. Its weird now though, whenever I see Andrew McCarthy on TV it now he creeps me out. I mean he looks really scary to me for some reason now.

I had all these thoughts running through my head as I was getting ready a minute ago. I have a new lipstick I was trying and it made me think of Molly and her pouty lips. I thought about attempting the cleavage-lipstick thing, but after scoping out the situation I figured some things are best left to good memories.


  1. Sixteen Candles and the Breakfast Club are my favorites. Oddly, I never tried the lipstick thing - maybe tomorrow.
    Your post reminded me of a comparison I once read between Southern girls and Northern girls at football games. Southern girls wear dresses, heels, makeup, coiffed hair, etc to football games while Northern girls wear jeans, a t-shirt, ponytail, and chapstick to football games - so true!

  2. Have been away from the computer..but totally enjoy reading all your past posts and catching up - your blog just always makes me smile!! I guess it would be sorta sad on my part to ask who is Molly R??? I'm googling her....ha. Have a good one -

  3. Oh Mama Hen, what fun sweet memories! So, lipstick and toe nail polish? I'll have to remember that if I ever get the pleasure of meeting you. I actually thought of you when I polished my toes the other night!

    I used to think that David Cassidy would fall in love with me if we met. I'd make up dialogues in my mind and everything! The heart of a young girl is a precious, foolish, wonderful place!

  4. Oh... My crush was Michael J Fox. Oh, how I loved him... I remember crying when he married that Tracy girl. I was so sad... I was younger than 16 when it happened, but I remember it so well. I was totally obsessed with him!

  5. Wendy, he was on a show I watched last night and seriously, he looked freaky scary. Those eyes that penetrated your soul back in the day are just WEIRD now!

  6. I know Jill. He was on an old Monk Mark and I were watching and he was spooky. No thanks Andrew, just keep on walking by.

  7. Oh Jayme-you are too funny. Lipstick is not a super-requirement for being a true Southern gal, but it sure doesn't hurt.

  8. I was a little too young to see those movies when they came out, but I've since seen them with my husband, and Molly seemed to be a great actress.
    Well, she's in a fairly new TV show on ABC family called "The Secret Life of An American Teenager" (the show is awful) and her acting is terrible and my husband says that she didn't "age well" :)

  9. Wow - I SO missed out on this whole generation of Movies. Chris talks about 'em all too - they were his glory days.

    However, the lipstick thing is too funny! And I thought toenails were your pet peeve (I even referenced you in my latest post about the toenail thing!!)