Sunday, August 9, 2009


1. We have no news on the adoption. Nothing, nada, zip. It is very frustrating at times and other times I am able to rest in God's timing. But every time I see a little baby girl I want to say to the mom, "Can I just sit and hold and smell and love on your baby for a minute? Or several hours?" I don't think moms would like that so I don't. But I think it.

Also, if we do not get a baby by November I will have to do the whole clean my house like crazy from top to bottom again. The social worker has to be in your home at least once a year until you get a baby. That may not be such a bad thing because then everything would be clean for when the family comes for Christmas, but yikes, just the thought of the stress. AHHHHH......

2. This time 15 years ago I was getting ready to marry my Sweet Hubby. I was in a flurry of wedding preparations. Bless my parent's hearts. And my sister's.

Here's a fact that Mark likes to bring up from time to time. The day we got married I had exactly $12.44 in my checking account. That is what I contributed to our household. I got my last paycheck from the little drugstore I was working for and bought Mark's wedding ring and gifts for my bridesmaids. The $12 was all I had left. I still have that checkbook register and my plan book for that year. On August 13, 1994 I had simply marked "Wedding, 2:00."

I remember going to the post office after classes one day and writing my last check as Wendy Wright. I was buying stamps for the thank you notes I had written. From that moment on I have been a Mrs. and I still love writing that on my checks today.

3. Today Mark picked corn and I picked peas. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? And I think this week will be jelly-making week too. The garden and fruit does not always pick the right time to ripen, but you had better make the time to pick the garden.

4. We are not potty-training James anymore and that is all I have to say about it. No more shall be spoken of potty-training until he turns three.


  1. My sweet bride, if i could marry you again i would, only this time i would dance and sing and not be silenced, because this time i would know what i know now and know how much better life would be about to turn.
    my sweet Mrs.

  2. I love being the Mrs. too, and wish we knew people who would call me Mrs. Shaffer. It's never happened!

    I'm praying for you with the adoption thing, we have friends who just got the call that a birth mom had picked them, they're actually flying to Alabama to meet her in about a week and the baby is due in september. She was saying the same thing about the homestudy (theirs would have to be redone in october). God has the perfect baby in mind for you, all in His time! Happy Sunday:)

  3. Happy anniversary!! That's too sweet.

    If I have another baby anytime in the next decade, can I loan them to you until they turn 9 months old?

  4. I love being a Mrs. also, I remember the first time I was called Mrs. Sparks, it was at the hotel on our wedding night and when I heard those words I felt like I was walking on the clouds :)

  5. You were a beautiful bride, radiant and so happy and you looked great in your granddaddy's cowboy hat.

  6. Yes, I remember the days before your wedding when I could NOT understand why anybody would want to go through all the mess of a wedding. I was probably the biggest brat in the world but I loved being your Maid of Honor (even though I got that terrible haircut right before). You were beautiful on that day and I was so proud!

  7. I love the memories. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Happy anniversary! Enjoy your day!

    Be patient about the adoption; God's timing is always perfect, and waiting is sometimes part of God's plan.

    Oh, dear on the potty training. Our little one decided he wants to train, but it is very much hit and miss at this stage. I remember why none of the others potty trained before 2. Actually, I'm not sure any of the others potty trained before 3. I'm remembering why and hoping he trains us to recognize his signals soon!