Thursday, August 27, 2009


I read this early this morning and was laughing like crazy. Not that my children would ever do anything like this...

Rules you never thought you would need to make.


  1. Hi, This is Linda from Prairie Flower Farm. I wanted to send you the recipe. Remember? Can you send your email to me. Thanks bunches. I didn't forget, it has just been super busy. Love you answer for my quiz!
    Mine is

  2. Oh goodness....lets hope all those weren't "from experience"! I really enjoyed that site as well as some of her links - thanks!

  3. Oh, that's nothing. Just the other day I had to tell Sam not to touch the Hot TAIL Pipe of Past. Bo's SUV! I got lots of strange looks. "Never heard that one before..." was said alot!

  4. Hilarious! I've got some rules like that ie: Wal-Mart bags are not parachutes, do not attempt to use them as such. Do not stand up in a wagon. Addendum to that rule: Do not pull the wagon while someone is standing up in it. The list is long...and added to frequently. (Those are from experience) Thanks for sharing this link! How did the kangaroo story go?

  5. Jennifer,
    Every one of those rules was from experience - though I have to admit that some were new to me! The girls were reading over my shoulder as I typed and adding their own suggestions.
    If you thought that list was bad, maybe I should draft one for my mother-in-law. My hubby and his brothers have some childhood stories that make my hair stand on end! I'm amazed they all made it to adulthood.