Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tomatoes and Kangaroos

I just got through blanching, peeling, chopping, and bagging 12 quarts of tomatoes to freeze. My fingers are pruny. If I don't see another tomato for a couple of days I will be more than okay with that.

As I was chopping different children would come through and talk with me. I was trying to get my boys to do something more productive than wrestle with each other in my living room. I suggested to Matt he should sit down and write a short story. The excuses began as to why he could not do this. This was my favorite:

ME: "Matt, why don't you write a story about Whiskers (the hamster)?

MATT: "He doesn't do anything."

ME: "That's why you use your imagination. Write about him getting lose in the night and the adventures he would have."

MATT: "That's boring. Now, if you would get me a pet kangaroo I would have plenty to write about!"

ME: "Not gonna happen."

MATT: "Just think of all the stories I could write."

ME: "Go outside and wrestle your brother."

According to Matt all he needs for his life to be fulfilled is a pet kangaroo.

Joy, do you want to take him for awhile?


  1. Wendy, Have Matt write a story about his adventures with his pet kangaroo. What would he do with a kangaroo? Where would the kangaroos sleep at night? What would Matt keep in his pet's pouch? That should keep him busy for a while!

  2. Good idea Jennie! He will not be expecting me to have a plan for tomorrow!

  3. has he read the mouse and the motorcyle books yet? That is what I first thought of when you mentioned a hamster having adventures. I love Ralph mouse!

  4. So I totally misread that, and thought you said you were chopping children...... Having reread that makes much more sense.

  5. Matt is a mess - I wonder if you could get him into some kind of creative writing class - or acting! He would be a natural.

  6. I would have been all about the writing assignment - any assignment - because I DON'T do tomatoes?!?! ick. (I'd have been right there for the jelly making, though!)

  7. Yeah, send him on over.. he can play with the kangaroos and then write about them :) If I were you I'd let him write about his imaginary pet roo anyway... it would be fun to see what he comes up with :)

  8. I feel his pain and injustice. I always wanted a miniature giraffe, myself.

  9. That is hilarious...imagine all the things YOU would have to blog about if you got Matt a pet kangaroo!