Thursday, October 22, 2009

For Mrs. Pat & Mrs. Rosemary

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The three big kids are participating in a Missions Fair next week. They will research a country~learn all about it (hopefully)~and then research a missionary who lives/lived in that country. Then they will make a big display and cook a food local to that country. We all go around and look at the projects (like a science fair) and then taste all the different foods. Its really fun.

Tyler~being the sensible child that he is quickly choose China. He had just finished a book about Hudson Taylor so this was a no-brainer for him. And China~easy to find info on.

Matt~hee-hawed back and forth about countries. Because you know he can't just pick a known country like everyone else. He wants to be different! He wants to have the most incredible project ever completed in the history of Missions Fairs! He wants all the world to love his chosen country as much as he does and see how exciting his chosen country can be!

So I spread out a huge world map on the table and told him he had to make a decision before supper. He poured over that map and studied and studied it. He finally made a decision.


Nothing personal against Cameroon but there is just not a whole lot of info out there (especially in Bham) about Cameroon. At our library we found one book about Cameroon and we were thrilled to get it. We have researched missionaries in Cameroon and so far found none. I know there has/had to be one ~so we are going to keep on internet looking.

Matt and Abbie decided to work on Cameroon together~with Matt being the leader of the project and Abbie being his assistant. Together they had this great idea to dress James up in traditional Cameroonian garb and display him beside their project. Yes~they wanted to stand him by their table~all dressed up~make him stand still~and let people walk by and look at him. I did not put a total NO on the idea because I thought James might like to dress up but I was not going to make him stand there for hours by their project.

Tuesday night Matt and Abbie were sitting on the couch looking through their Cameroon book together. It was so sweet and they were not arguing and I was pretty sure the end of times was at hand~but it was nice so I just enjoyed it. Abbie suddenly yells real loud

"Mom~we will need to paint James brown so he will look just like a little Cameroon boy!!!!"

Maybe I need to nix the project right now.


  1. It's too bad they didn't choose Vanautu....I have friends there!

  2. We did this project a few years back while I was still homeschooling - and such a great time with it! Jordan was in 11th grade then and (being sensible) chose Japan. He was studying Okinawan Karate at the, you know, a no brainer. He did a little (I mean a little) Japanese and then a karate demonstration. Great memories - hope all of you have a great time.

    By the way, tell me again....where is Cameroon??? or Vanautu for that matter??

  3. Anonymous??? Why did my comment publish as anonymous...its me!!

  4. I have no idea where Vanautu is but Cameroon is in western Africa.

  5. Hello and thank you for visiting today! That project sounds great~I am also a homeschooling mom. We will have to do this project this year~I know my children will love it. God bless, Rose

  6. A couple of things...

    I see you made it home from Birmingham. :-)

    How wonderful that your kids are so into it! I try doing things like this with Aaron, and he grudgingly participates. I LOVE it that your kids are so creative and into....and it's funny as heck!

  7. We have a book " Windows to the World" that has info on lesser known countries and missions. We read about one country a day and pray for them. I will check for Cameroon...

  8. I have a friend at co-op that is from South Africa, I'll ask her if she has any info on Cameroon.

    Also, our church is hosting a big missions fair on Monday. Beginning at 5:00 you can walk through and check out the different missionaries exhibits and stuff...may be a good resource.

  9. I work with a guy from Cameroon. Want me to quiz him on anything in particular?

  10. How totally wild that Mollie works with someone from Cameroon. Maybe she can get him to sing a song on tape and you can play it!!! I think I just loved myself.

  11. Glad to see you made it back from downtown Bham. I HATE driving downtown HSV...
    It's really great your kids are so into their project. Hopefully you'll find all the info you need and your little one doesn't get painted...

  12. I love it!!! James would make an adorable little brown boy...with his big shining eyes! :)

  13. I see brown marker in James's future. Watch out!!

  14. mama eggroll to mama hen:

    found your blog through grasping for objectivity...and happen to live in a place tyler's interested in. You may already know people that live here, but if he has any questions that could help his report, I'd love to answer them for him - I'm so about homeschooling!

    blessings to you and your brood.

  15. Rachel (Mama Eggroll)-do you have a blog or an email address? I clicked on your name and nothing came up but your profile. Thanks for visiting!

  16. yeah, sorry about that... (I'm sort of weird about privacy stuff and always forget that my blog isn't on my profile page)

    anyway, I'm eggrollmama dot blogspot dot com

    sorry to leave you hanging!