Friday, October 23, 2009

My Friday in Numbers

3-children who I tried to impart an education to
1-child who I think paid attention
5-"corrective measures" that had to be taken with my two year old
4-meltdowns by that two year old
1-trip to the grocery store
1-trip to the thrift store
1-meltdown by my 10 year old because I would not buy him a crocquet set at the thrift store
6-loads of laundry washed
4-loads of laundry folded and ready to be put away
33-(I'm not kidding) laundry items that need to be ironed tonight
1-beautiful day where I sat in the swing and watched my kids play together
1-time I had to ground my two middle children from talking to each other because I.COULD.NOT.STAND.THE.BICKERING.ONE.MORE.SECOND
1-book read before naptime and one good rocking time with my James
2-bills paid
5-phone calls to try to sell Boy Scout~Cub Scout~and Heritage Girl popcorn and chocolates to my family who by now is dreading seeing my number on their phone
1-bath given to a very dirty little two year old and then sweet snuggles afterwards. Don't you just love the way they feel and smell after a bath?
4-kiddos in the bed and MamaHen wishing she was going
0-hubby at home and he will not be back until Sunday afternoon! Help me Rhonda!

All this equals one tired MamaHen ~but one grateful MamaHen. If I'm going to be busy I want to be busy with these people.


  1. Mama Hen,

    That sounds like a pretty good day to me--except for the kids' melt-downs! :) I only washed 1 load of laundry today--down from 3 yesterday. I should have washed 3 today, too. ;)

    Instead I did school, cooked meals, washed dishes, went to the library and then walked the neighborhood with my sweet son selling BSA popcorn! ;) I got to enjoy the pretty autumn weather and get some fresh air. :) You'll be done selling those chocolates and popcorn before you know it! Then you'll be all done for the year! :)

  2. Sounds like a VERY busy day. Hope you get some rest tomorrow

  3. Wendy, I just wanted to tell you that I love ready your posts. I couldn't agree with you more there is no group of crazy folks I'd rather be with than my own. Thanks for the smiles and your bloggy friendship! Have a great weekend!

  4. Great day! What have you got against croquet? Just kidding. Those mallets look like possible weapons in my house. I very much admire you for taking them to the thrift store. It's almost off-limits in my house.

  5. I agree with you - if were gonna be busy...lets be busy with the ones we love!! Hope you have just as much fun for your weekend:) minus the meltdowns~

  6. Wow, what a busy day. I just about started hyperventilating when I saw you had 33 items to iron. I get all antsy when I have around 10... MUST. IRON.NOW.

  7. Girl! You were busy! I will ALWAYS buy what your kids are selling - as long as I get my mandatory hug!

  8. Tell Mark to go downtown to the uniform supplier and buy some police uniforms for work - they don't wrinkle...maybe that would help know, he would look so official and all.

  9. Does that mean you didn't get lost in Downtown?

    Whew! Sounds like a crazy day!!

  10. What a busy day! It's always rough when your husband's away!
    I'm with you on the sweet, clean baby smell after it!