Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning

Whew~what a weekend. I wish I could say whew~what a great weekend~but just to be honest it was pretty yucky. Mark was gone all weekend and I threw some big-time hissy fits with the kiddos. I did get the kids summer and winter clothes switched out~and that is a big one to cross off the list! Now~just to get my house sparkly clean because we are having to update our homestudy next Friday.

***When Jill and I were little girls we would stand in our room and try to do the Bewitched nose thing. We just knew if we could get it right our room would magically become clean! We practiced and practiced~but it never happened. Well~if I thought it would work I would be practicing today cause there is nothing more nerve-wrecking than knowing someone is coming into your home to inspect it! ***

But~the weekend is over and a new day is here. Unfortunately the new day is starting out with 8:00 AM dentist appointments for two of my kiddos to get cavities filled. Then home for school and tonight is Scouts and Heritage Girls.

Today (and all week) we are going to be working on our Missions Fair projects. Abbie has switched again. She has gone from Mexico to Cameroon to Brazil and now to Scotland. She must stay on Scotland now because Mommy is getting all confused. Anyone know any missionaries in Scotland?

I'll leave you with some pics of Sweet Baby James. He has some new catch phrases he likes to throw around. My favorite is for anything he doesn't like or doesn't want to do~~ "It gives me a headache." "I can do it!" is a big one around here. And the most used one ~~"See my muscles-I have two of them." as he shows us his arms. Here he is showing you his muscles.


  1. he has such squeezable-looking cheeks!!

  2. Oh, I just want those little muscle arms around my neck right now! I need a hug in the biggest way from that little booger! Good luck with the cleaning!

  3. Nothing on Scoland, but I have a TON of Mexico stuff (sorry). Including an authentic sombrero that would look too cute on Ab!!

  4. Too bad William Wallace wasn't a missionary.

  5. I love that pic!

    Sorry about your weekend - I would melt if Chris were gone all weekend too - and I just have one kiddo! Hope this week is a relaxing, nice, calm one.


  6. My grown up babysitter spent some time in Scotland on a college missions trip and is going back for an internship this summer, but that probably doesn't count...

    Good luck on your homestudy on Friday!

  7. Interestingly enough, I work with a gentleman from Scotland too. He is of Asian descent, so it's kinda trippy when he speaks. You don't expect that brogue.

  8. What a cute picture, and my, does James have some big muscles :)
    Where did you get the Mickey shirt/PJ's he has on, my son would love them!

  9. Too cute! You post some of the cutest photos of James!