Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I don't say much about our adoption here on this blog because frankly, right now, there isn't a whole lot to say. We are "in the process". I am beginning to really dislike those words. We are waiting for a birthmother to choose our family for her child. Guess what? I don't like to wait and this is something I have absolutely no control over. Yuck. Mark and I are tired of waiting and the kids are tired of it too. But, there is nothing else to do except pray.

I am sure that many of you have heard that November is National Adoption Month. I wish every month was adoption month. I love to hear of adoptions, see the families, and read adoption blogs. I found this blog, called Nations Around Our Table and it is so beautiful. Just go and look at this family. It is such a picture of what heaven will be like~all the tribes and nations of the Earth worshipping and feasting at God's table.

Shonni, the mom wrote this post, which encouraged me so much. I never felt like I could give a good enough reason to people for why we wanted to adopt. She put into words what I could not express. There are children that need homes and need to be loved. I can do that.

Go and see this family. If it doesn't get you excited about what God is doing with adoption then your excitement button needs fixing :)


  1. Waiting is such a drag. I am praying that God will speed up the process and bring just the right child into your lives. May God bless you for what you are going to do in the life of that child!

  2. I will also pray that this process speeds up! I will also pray for grace for you and you have to endure....but only until you get your precious child.

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. It must be pretty hard to wait when you want something so badly! My sister adopted both of her children and the waiting was horrible. BUT the end result was so worth it! Just as I'm sure it's going to be for you!!!

  4. A couple of sundays was orphan sunday. I have to agree every day should be adoption day or orphan day. Waiting is painful! It's like a pregnancy with no estimated date of delivery. Tough to take.

  5. Your family does have so much to give a baby! I'm praying for your family, Mama Hen. It's all in the Lord's timing--just keep clinging to Him while the waiting is tough!