Friday, December 18, 2009

Generosity and Gratitude

I have had this post in my head for two weeks now. But sometimes words can never convey what you really think, and what you really feel.

I am sure that most of you know adoption is not cheap. Far from it. Mark and I are not rich. Far from it. We are not poor, not in need, and are blessed above what we ever would really need or deserve. But, we are middle class one-income family with four children. So, needless to say, when Mark and I first started to seriously talk about adopting my number one concern was financial.

But, we moved ahead and knew that if God wanted us to have another baby He would provide what we needed to pay for it. Just like we have with the other four. We have never on paper been able to "afford" our children, but God has taken care of that for us. So we decided to take the leap and see what God was going to do.

We signed the homestudy papers and promptly had to write out a huge check to the agency. We took it out of our savings. Within a month someone generously gave us a check that matched those expenses to the penny. We were overwhelmed.

A year passed. No baby, and not much money in the adoption fund. I wish I could say I had all this faith that the money was going to start rolling in, but I haven't really. I have tried to figure it all out in my mind 2,897 times this past year. "Maybe if we do this or do that we can make it work."

Two weeks ago I received a call from my Bible Study leader who told me an anonymous person had just made an incredibly generous donation to our adoption fund. As in "I don't really believe what I am hearing" incredible. I was overwhelmed and so was Mark. I begged to find out who it was, but Heather wouldn't give in.

I so want to tell this person who did this "Thank You." To tell them that we are going love this baby and take care of it and that they will always be a part of that. To tell them that they gave me hope when I was starting to feel pretty defeated about it all. To tell them that their reward in heaven will be great.

I called our Orphan/Adoption Ministry coordinator at our church and told her the good news. She called me back later and said that our church agreed to match the gift up to a certain amount. Again I was overwhelmed. Here was our church doing what the Church is supposed to do-taking care of the orphans. So in a matter of two weeks God has provided a huge portion of what we need.

We still have aways to go, but we are encouraged. After the holidays I am hopefully going to be selling a family cookbook here on the blog and to friends. All profits will go directly into the Baby Clark fund.

To whoever Anonymous is please know we are so thankful.


  1. Yes, thank you. I am the Nana of this baby coming and I can't wait to hold and cuddle her. God, the Great I AM, knows when, where, why and what we need. Are we not so blessed to be so loved?

  2. It's so awesome to hear stories of how the Lord always provides exactly what we need, when we need it!
    I'm looking forward to the cookbook!

  3. God's provision is AMAZING. These stories always encourage me so much. We cannot "afford": our kids on paper either. But God always provides. Always! Thanks so much for sharing this story :)

  4. OH WENDY!!
    That is AMAZING! I love seeing God move BIG for His orphans! Thank you for builds my faith!
    All it takes is a willing heart to adopt these children...thank you for having a willing heart!
    And I can't WAIT for the cookbook!

  5. Wendy, I'm so glad you shared this awesome news with everbody! BTW, I'm supposed to tell you that the check went out last Saturday. I'll be sure to tell this person about your blog, so they can read these precious words of thanks from your heart. I have LOVED being able to be a part of all of this with you. It was So much fun to get to be the one to tell you! I love you, and I can't wait to see how God brings this all to completion. It strengthens my faith!

  6. What a beautiful testimony. I love how God orchestrates everything when we listen to Him. Enjoy your weekend and let us know when the cookbook is ready.

  7. Yes, thank you, thank you! As a future Aunt to this sweet baby (whoever she may be), please know that she will be loved. Your gift is awesome and just think how this child's life will be changed forever!

  8. Amazing story! I haven't been following you long enough to know any past details. But I can sense the love you have for your children. Your stores in Heaven for caring for these blessed children will be great! I felt a strong connection to this story because my dear sister wants to adopt. She has a long story and history but this is her only option for now. I pray that she will find favor just as you have. Thank you for giving a loving home to children who deserve and need your love!

  9. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

  10. Hi mama--

    Scary how God wants you to give up and let go, isn't it? I've always found that I can't truly possess something until I give it away, and that goes for both money and the gospel.

    Best of providence with your growing family.

  11. That is amazing and exciting and just...amazing!!! Wow - God is so good!!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing about God's providence for your family. I loved reading about it tonight and will love it even more when you are able to tell the rest of this story and show photos of your new little one! May it be sooner than you can hope or imagine! :)

  13. What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing :)