Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today's Agenda

1. Complete a school day. This is getting harder and harder to do this week. Cause nothing is going the way it is supposed to. Instead of my wonderful Christmas/school/adoption/life plan coming together like it is supposed to; it is all unraveling. Not a slow I might be able to catch up this afternoon unraveling, but a major unraveling where as I say around here, "Things might have gotten a little away from me" kind of thing.

2. Go get a certain child new tennis shoes. Doesn't matter that we just bought this child new shoes right before Thanksgiving. He/she has already lost one of those shoes. And we have searched high and low and everywhere in-between to find that shoe. And the current shoes the child is wearing has several holes in them and before we know it people will be buying him/her Christmas Shoes. I know we will find the lost shoe right after we come home with new shoes. Trust me. I know things.

3. Go purchase some food for these children. As my two oldest boys are eating us out of house and home. I sooooo need to buy big groceries and stock up, but if you will refer to #1 you will see things are unraveling around here and I haven't even made a list.

4. About 6:30 PM start going stark raving crazy as my husband has a church meeting tonight and will not be home until very very late. And did I mention I have a three year old who is trying to give up his nap, (which is my beacon of sanity) and by 6:3o he is either too hyper or too unreasonable for a momma who has missed her rest-time/downtime to deal with.

Thank you for letting me vent. Now I will go back to my regularly scheduled unraveling. Yesterday I left a comment on Jaime's blog about how I did not miss Mt Dew anymore. How I had overcome that particular addiction and how wonderful I felt now. Ha, ha, ha. I would give my eyetooth for one today.

***By the way, I got my fridge cleaned out. Yesterday Tyler opened it up and said, "What happened?" I said, "I cleaned it out." He looked at me blankly and said, "Where's the food?" I really need to get to the store.


  1. I could just about copy and paste this onto my own blog!!! I am right there with ya sister!!!! :)

  2. my fridge still has friends growing in that mystery tupperware. i could pretty much copy your list, word for word today! except miss ava grew out of her thanksgiving shoes and is wearing some hand-me-downs from chloe....but they look like orthepedic old lady shoes. we bought them in a pinch out of town when we lost one of chloe's shoes. poor second child...not sure when we're going to replace them...

  3. Awww, I wish I was there to go shoe shopping and make lists and go grocery shopping.... then I wouldn't have to deal with my own mess!

  4. Okay, #1 I totally get. Getting braces on child #1 has a way of throwing a crowbar into the week, and add in all sorts of extra Christmas activities. I totally get this one. I am there with you!

    #2 I totally get the shoes. Yes, been there, going through that now with #2. The new shoe showing up right after you decide to buy new ones, yup, BTDT too--with #3 some months ago!

    #3, yes, going through that with #2. Over it with #1, thankfully, though! As a matter of fact, I think she is on her new "I have braces and my teeth hurt" diet plan!

  5. Your week is sounding like mine.

  6. I think everyone goes through this around Christmastime...hopefully things will get back to some sort of normal in January!