Friday, January 22, 2010


Well, we did have to go the doctor about the poison ivy. Fortunately it was a very short visit as I had all four with me. The older kids really do well though. James does too overall, its just the fact that all four are with me and I know it "could" all come apart at any minute. Poor Matt is now on Predisone which causes stomach aches, headaches, and hyperness. The Benedryl is cancelling out the hyperness for now though. Poor thing, he has the itching and now the stomach ache and headache.

Today will be a teacher workday for me as our progress reports are due for our umbrella school tomorrow. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. Depending on how Matt is feeling later in the afternoon I hope to get to the library. I have pulled everything I can possibly remember about Ancient Rome from my mind and now I need some books to go along with our studies.

Nothing new to report on the adoption. My brain is soooo tired of thinking about it. Tired, I say. Mark is tired of waiting and the kids don't even really talk about it anymore. I guess it just seems like it is never going to happen to them. I am still trying to think of baby names. I am even tired of that. I want the baby to go with the name. Okay, enough whining.

I could not sleep last night. Just one of those nights. So I am draggy this morning. As in, lets just all stay in pjs and not do anything today. Does Rick Steve's Europe on PBS count as school? Just kidding Paula!

I'm off to apron up and get started on this day. Hope you all have a lovely laughter-filled day!


  1. I hope you get your progress reports done in record time and can get to the library. The library always makes me feel better!

  2. Ouch, sorry about Matt and his poison ivy!

    About the church school progress reports, mine are due next Wednesday. I'm going to be working on getting all my paperwork in order today as well as assigning some grades. I really hate that I now have to provide actual numerical grades for my 8th grader. Can't I just say B+? Nope--that would be an 87--or an 88! How DO I determine whether she has done 87% or 88% work anyway? ;) So, I am right there with ya! I can completely relate. ;)

  3. Awe, Man!

    I had poison oak so bad one time that it got in my blood and I wasn't allowed to play outside while it was green that year.

    Good luck with the progress reports.

  4. Poison ivy sounds really bad- we don't have much here, except out in the deep woods. I avoid the Dr. office like the plague! What a better way to pick up unwanted germs! But, there are those times, that force us to go- Hope everyone stays healthy and your little guy recovers soon.

  5. Poor Matt, hope the itching goes away soon!
    I get nervous taking 2 to the doctor, don't know what I'd do with 4!