Monday, February 15, 2010

Derby Race

This past Saturday was Matt's Cub Scout Derby Car Race. This is a pretty big deal in the Scout world and some of the boys take it VERY seriously. Matt takes it seriously FUN. He is in it to have a good time and we are just fine with that. He did have fun and raced his truck, aptly named Blue Thunder.

Blue Thunder getting ready for the big race.

It seems we had a lot going on this weekend. Mark was off work Friday because of the snow and some other things that were going on. Now, I really like having Mark home from work, but I would like to have a word with my Sweet Home Alabama.

"It is time to stop this messing around with all this snow, rain, and freezing temperatures. Santa Claus was kind enough to bring my kiddos a trampoline for Christmas and it is going largely unused as it is FREEZING (literally) cold outside. I really need for these said kids to be able to be outside IN THE AFTERNOON as we are in together ALL morning long and sometimes MamaHen just needs a little piece and quite.

Dear Sweet Home Alabama, I love you. Even with all your heat, tornadoes, and summer afternoon rainstorms. But honey, I put up with the heat and tornadoes so I DON'T have to put up with freezing temperatures. Please fix yourself immediately and get back to your mild winters. Believe me, I know all about moodiness and hormones and those days when you just want a change. But, you need to leave all that to me and get back to normal. Thank you very much." -MamaHen

Okay, whew, I expect a warming trend starting later this afternoon.


  1. Oh, you silly girl. Obviously, you need to buy some carbon credits to cease all this global warming.

  2. Ah, matchbox derby. Memories....
    And c'mon now - snow is fun!!

    ...Although we miss using our trampoline too.

  3. We woke up to a white winter wonderland again this morning! The roads were very slick and the girls and I were just grateful we didn't have school today. Around noon is when the roads were all clear, but as I sit here it is snowing AGAIN!!! As long as we have lived here, I don't ever remember getting this much snow.

  4. We're in the same boat, Luke got a slide for Christmas and it's still sitting in our living room and it'll stay there until we have several days of spring like weather!

  5. I think it's funny that all you southern girls are getting some snow and ice! Now just be careful...ok? I heard there is more headed your way....

  6. i will think of you as i sit on our back patio in my capris and shortsleeves and enjoy my 80 degree weather :) my kids haven't worn shoes for days and practically live outside :)

  7. Yes, Jill, I agree. We must be just imagining all this winter weather with all the global warming going on out there. . . .;0)