Monday, March 1, 2010

MamaHen Takes A Great Fall

Saturday night was Matthew's Cub Scout Award Banquet and I will have more on that later because I don't think there has ever been a cuter Cub Scout than my Matthew.

Anyways, as Abbie, James, and I were walking out of the church to the van, I wiped out. Don't know how, I just did the tripped over something (I'm guessing my feet), tried to catch myself and the crockpot I was holding, and then I was laying in the parking lot in a very undignified position. I got up to a sitting position and just sat there stunned. And in pain. Shooting pain up my right leg and my knee was on fire. I told Abbie to take James in the church and to whisper to Daddy that I needed help. We had actually snuck out a little early and there was no one else in the parking lot. I could just imagine Abbie going in and announcing to the 100 plus people there that Momma had fallen and couldn't get up. She did just what I said though and Mark came running out to help.

After Mark go me up and a few minutes of unstabliness, I decided I was okay and could drive home. We were in two different vehicles for the sole purpose that I could leave early, cause MamaHen had had a great day (Hello AL Bloggers!), but I was tired with a Capital T. On the way home, it because apparent that I was not okay as spasms were shooting up my leg and the other ankle started hurting. Abbie took good care of me until Mark got home and she also ran the show with James who was showing his great displeasure at me being hurt. And not in sympathy. He threw a couple of fits with Abbie and stood in front of me and screamed over and over he didn't want his blue sippy cup, he wanted his orange sippy cup. And I prayed that Mark would get home quickly.

The next morning it was decided that we wouldn't go to church as I could not walk without making terrible groaning noises and Mark loves me, but I don't think he really wanted to make an entrance at church that way. And he made the executive decision that as soon as the Doc In The Box opened up I was going to get some X-rays. Which immediately sent me into Panic-Cleaning mode. But, I could not hardly move, much less clean.

You see, I will let you in on a little Martin/Wright/Sharpe/Clark family secret. We have this condition that has no name. (Well, Mark would say it would be called the "Crazy Condition"). I don't know how long this condition goes back in my matriarchal family line, but it must be a long time, cause it is engraved in us like nobody's business. It is called in very technical terms, "If I Have To Go To The Doctor/Hospital, My House Must Be Spotless, Because If I Have To Stay In The Hospital Or Die My House Must Be Clean. Because When The Old Ladies/Friends/People Who Just Want To See How You Really Live Come To Bring A Meal To My Husband The House Must Be Clean."

You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Mark knows me so well, and he knew I would rather stay at home and die than go to the hospital with a dirty house so he and the kids rallied together and got it in order. (Remember I was gone all day Saturday, literally, and things had taken a turn for the worse). I tried to get him to touch up my toenails also, but he drew the line at that. Mainly because whenever he would touch my toes (on both feet) I would yell at him because of the pain. I tried to explain the whole suffering for beauty thing, but he just wouldn't listen.

I could go on and on about the rest of the day (and I will to you Rebekah, don't worry :)), but basically I did not have to go to the hospital and even though I am super-sore and stiff and both feet tingle all the time, I think I will be okay.

Later in the morning, James came and sat down beside me and asked if I was sick. I asked him, "Don't you remember Mommy falling hurting her legs last night?" He nodded yes and stared at my legs. He replied, "You have to be careful in the road." I assured him that yes indeed you had to be careful. He thoughtfully kept looking at my legs and said very deliberately and loud,


I burst out laughing and told him he was probably right.

I no idea I had given birth to a prophet.


  1. Don't worry Sister. I will always make sure your house is clean if you have to go in the hospital - it's my solemn vow. I hope all your aches and pains go away soon. Love you!

  2. So you are ok ? You had me hanging on every word ! Take it easy mama. I have the same cleaning sickness too, unfortunately.

  3. Jill, I would make the same solemn vow to you, but your house is always so stinkin clean anyway! Not that I'm bitter or anything.

    Kathy, I am okay. Just stiff. After I got some tylenol in me and started moving around a bit I was better. You know, when you are 16 and you fall, you just bounce right back up. When you are 37, not so much. Thanks for asking! Give Maggie a kiss on those cheeks for me!

  4. Ouch! Well I'm glad you're's the crock pot doing? ;)

  5. Lianne, the crockpot survived! Whew!

  6. So glad your okay! Yes, falling seems like it takes weeks to recover from the older you become
    Take it easy and get some rest.
    Blessings, Fine Linen

  7. Sorry to laugh, but I can sooooo see you falling. Didn't you fall on the cobblestones in college?
    Glad you are feeling a little better. I don't go to the dr so I don't clean for that reason but I always clean before I go out of town. Bryan thinks I am nuts but I told him if someone breaks in my house while I am gone I want them to think I am a clean person. Crazy I know.

  8. Tylenol is good for what ails ya.

  9. Oh Cindy, you are a girl after my own heart. It does not matter where I go, I HAVE to have my bed made up. I have this thought in my head that if there is a fire I want the firemen to see that my bed is made. I really think I have some issues that need to be dealt with. And my house is pitiful cluttered and messy. You would think I would take the all my energy thinking about it and clean it!

  10. Whoops! Sorry about your spill. We had the Cub Scout banquet Saturday night too. Holdyn and Daddy were supposed to bake a cake together to take but somehow managed to talk me into it. Then THEY got an award for how cute it was! Oh well.
    Get better! Have a great week.

  11. Oh wow! I hope you really are okay! Take it easy for a few days! And I have the same cleaning phobia for the same reasons. I do it when going to the doctor AND when leaving on any trip, no matter how long. The idea of people tsk tsking over my messy house when I'm dead unnerves me!

  12. Get up! Suck it up! You're okay! Sorry - the Garver in me reared it's head. haha

  13. You get it honest. Both Grandmother and I have always been the same way. I have commissioned Rosemary and Pat to come and make sure the house is clean when I move on to my heavenly home. I am glad you are better. You get the falling down honest too.

  14. Oh no :( Glad the crockpot survived and hope you are back to normal asap!

    So great meeting you this weekend!

  15. Oh dear oh dear! That is something I would do - falling down runs in my family :( Please take it easy and put both your feet up and read a book and let James bring you colored sippy cups and Abby look after the house and and... and.. get better soon!!!!!!

  16. Wow! I'm sooo sorry! I hope you feel better soon, and I'm glad that you didn't end up with the contents of the crock pot all over you to boot.

    And that is a very interesting condition of your family...very interesting indeed.

  17. It was so nice to meet you & Jill too. What a fun day we had. I will remember it always. HOpe you'll come back by to see me again.

  18. Oh, no! I had not stopped by your blog today (or anyone else's until a few minutes ago) so I did not know. I brought that book for you to look at tonight and Stacey said you had taken a spill at church over the weekend. I really hope you are feeling better.

    Ibuprofen is what you need. Works better for pain, much better for muscle pain. Fewer side effects, fewer safety recalls. Seriously. Take some ibuprofen. If you're really hurting, you can take a dose of acetaminophen, then one of ibuprofen--just a little more spread out.

    Hope you are already feeling better. Sending prayers up your way.

  19. Bless your heart! I hope you are feeling better. Get some rest.
    Hey, I have that illness too. I also do it if I am leaving case something were to happen and someone needed to get into my house.
    Bless you.

    Hey, added as a follower.
    Hope you will come and visit. My Clay post is up.

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  20. So sorry about your Great Fall, hope that it heals quickly!
    James's prophetic comment is hilarious!