Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Matt, the Wonder Scout

Do you remember me telling you yesterday that I had the cutest Cub Scout alive? I do! And here is photographic proof!

And here is my sweet family after we separated the boys so they wouldn't pick on each other, made James stop making silly faces, and made Abbie put the cat down. You know, just how we look in real life...

As you can tell, we are a Scouting family~~its in my husband's blood and I am chauffeur extraordinaire for my little Scouts. I love it though. Its a very very very good thing, as Martha says. My sweet hubby has worked so hard for this Scout troop and I am proud of him.

In other totally unrelated news, I have something that is very exciting (to me at least) to share. Some of you that know me in real life know I have always wanted (like, since I was Abbie's age) to have my name on something published. And you know my love for all things Little House on the Prairie. Somehow, in a turn of events I never would have planned, I got to help a fellow homeschooling mom write a unit study on Little House! Rhondi asked me to help her with this project and I jumped on it. I don't know how much help I was, but she was kind enough to put my name on the project and here it is! If you have children who love Little House, or you WANT them to love Little House you might like this. If you order you can know that my part of the proceeds goes straight toward Baby Clarks adoption expenses. (Yes, we are still in-process, and had a big disappointment last week, but I am holding on to God's timing and what He has for our family). Rhondi also has several other unit studies you might be interested in also. She's really has a talent and passion for what she does.

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday, we are home all day, just schooling and learning and folding laundry!


  1. I do have to agree that he is the cutest Cub Scout ever - and I don't think I'm biased AT ALL!

    And I'm proud of you big Sis! Now it's time for you to write a book all your own!

  2. I hope your hurt legs are feeling better from your fall.

  3. Definitely a cutie!! How are you feeling a couple days post fall?? Hope the pain is wearing off and not settling in?? I'm sure that everyone is pitching in/doing their part and more to help around the house and everyone is on their extra best behavior just to help Mama heal the fastest (well, maybe it works that way around your house!)

    Congratulations on being an author - not even homeschooling but I might just read it! Have a great week.

  4. WOW I know a famous person. I am SOOOO EXCITED. ;) Congrats Wendy, I am proud of you.

  5. You're right; you do have the cutest cub scout. :) Especially since mine has now crossed over to the Boy Scout Troop! ;)

    Congratulations on the unit study! That is awesome! I am tempted to get a copy. Let me know if you want it reviewed. ;)

  6. He IS precious!!

    And congratulations on being published!! That's awesome!!!

  7. I love Little House too, that's very exciting that you got published!

  8. Congratulations on your book!!! I agree with Jill, you'll need to do one on your own now :) Lots of them!
    I also love the Little House books, and so does Elizabeth.. in fact she is reading one right now :)

  9. Congrats on the book! Thats awesome!! You mentioned my cousin Gina on your comment. And you are right, she is a precious person. I love her so much. She and I are HUGE Little House on the Prarie fans. She and I would spend every spring break and 1 week int eh summer together, it would always be filled with us playing LHOTP! Even her parents would play parts. They were The Olsens. We'd go into her house, Their B&B/Store for "supplies". Gina was Mary and I Laura. Fun memories!
    You probably also know some other precious people to me...The Speegals and The Snow's. My son Brock played tennis with their boys. Such beautiful families!

    And yes! You do have the cutest boy scout I have ever seen!
    TY for dropping by my blog, sweet friend!
    Stop by my place today if you can. Would love to have you visit. And be sure to enter the giveaway!

    Tales from BLoggeritaville

  10. Hello. And Bye.

  11. Congratuations -- on your Scouts and your study guide! I betcha the guide will be very popular; I would've LOVED to do something like this when I was little.

  12. Yep, he's a cutie all right! So are your other kiddos!

  13. Hi! A friend of mine just passed your link on to me...I too LOVE anything Laura I. and we are in the process of adopting domestically! I look forward to seeing who the Lord has in store for you!


  14. it is nonber 3 i want my build a bear bday party p.s. dont tell anyone who i am kk

  15. Does it count that we LOVE girl scout cookies? I'm sorry about the setbacks which to an extent I totally understand! We have been working on immigration and the waiting and the praying is excruciating.